Highly Anticipated New Bukit Batok West EC Launching Soon

ECs (Economic Condominiums) are the newest form of residential real estate. They offer luxurious amenities in a community-oriented environment. These residential communities are usually located in metropolitan areas like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. They are also extremely popular among investors and homebuyers, especially those who are looking to invest in real estate with a low price-to-rent ratio.


Interested investors and home buyers can look forward to a new EC development near Tengah Town. The Bukit Batok EC project will have 375 executive condominium units.

The Bukit Batok EC development will be in close proximity to a future Tengah MRT station. This will provide easy access to both Bukit Batok and Tengah. It is also expected to draw healthy interest from HDB upgraders and first-time buyers.

The Bukit Batok EC site is located in a mature estate and is close to established schools. It is also near Bukit Batok Hillside Nature Park. This will provide residents with a nice, green space for recreation. This new EC development is expected to be finished in 2022. It will also feature an elderly care facility and community club.

Community spaces

ECs can be sold at prices that are higher than the official list price. However, there are restrictions on how private condos are sold. These restrictions include the requirement that buyers form a family nucleus and form an occupation period of at least five years.

ECs have an average price range of S$1,250 to S$1,350 per square foot. Prices are expected to rise as more schools are built. These ECs will be fully privatised after 10 years. Buying a private condo will require a bank loan.

A master plan will be introduced to guide the development. It will incorporate the city’s urban planning goals and will address issues that local residents may have.

The master plan will also outline the density of the land and the permissible uses. A community club will be built along with other facilities for residents to use. It is also expected to offer an elderly care facility.

Two luxury residential developments

ECs are a form of hybrid public-private development. They have advantages and disadvantages compared to private condominiums. ECs are typically cheaper than private condominiums. However, there are certain restrictions that you need to adhere to when you purchase a new EC unit.

The government has been proactive in releasing land for ECs. There are currently two luxury residential developments in Bukit Batok West EC that are launching soon. One is the Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 EC. The other is the Copen Grand EC. Both developments are part of the government’s land sales program.

The Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 EC is set to be launched in 2023. It is part of the Confirmed List of Government Land Sales programme.

The Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 EC is expected to yield 375 residential units. It will be located near the Bukit Batok MRT station. It is expected to attract first-time buyers and HDB upgraders. The project will have a gross floor area of 37,348 square metres. The site will be developed with modern architecture. The site is located close to restaurants and shopping centres.

Estimated bid for the land plot

Located on Bukit Batok West Avenue, this new executive condominium (EC) is expected to be launched soon. With a maximum floor area of 37,348 square metres, this site is expected to yield 375 residential units. The project will also include commercial and park connectors, a community club, and an elderly care facility.

The land rate for the Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 EC site was secured in March 2022 for $266 million. This makes it the first EC in almost 20 years. ECs are highly popular amongst HDB flat owners who are upgrading to a higher class of flat. Generally, the price per square foot for an executive condominium is cheaper than a private condominium.

In addition, the location of the Bukit Batok EC site is ideal. It is near shopping centres and transportation hubs, including the Singapore Flyer, Jurong East District, and Downtown Line. This will ensure that residents are well connected to work and amenities. The site is also within walking distance to upcoming MRT stations.

Piermount Grand EC

ECs in Bukit Batok are not ideal for long-term residence. But for investors, these properties are perfect. They are close to major hubs in Singapore and offer convenient transport links. There are a number of educational institutions nearby, as well as other amenities. The neighbourhood is also conveniently located, and can be reached in under an hour by car.

Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 EC is the latest development in the neighbourhood. It will be built on a 1.2-acre site. It is estimated that the project will attract eight to twelve bidders. It will have up to 375 units.

The project is expected to be completed by 2022. Residents of the EC will be able to enjoy amenities such as a community club and supermarket. In addition, there will also be an elderly care facility.

BTOs vs EC and Their Investment Potential

When deciding between BTOs and EC, you should consider the investment potential of each. While ECs are more expensive, BTOs are cheaper and heavily subsidised. As a result, a BTO is likely to produce a profit after five years. After this, you may want to consider upgrading your property and buying a second one.

Buying a resale flat

If you’re looking to purchase a resale flat in Singapore, it’s important to understand the differences between BTOs and ECs. In general, the former will have a higher appreciation and higher entry price than ECs. But there are also differences between them when it comes to the investment potential.

A BTO is better for first-time buyers, since first-time buyers are eligible for housing grants worth $160,000 or more. In addition, resale flats can have shorter waiting periods. Depending on the BTO project, it could take between three to five years to complete.

Choosing between BTOs and ECs depends on your financial situation and design preferences. While BTOs are generally cheaper than ECs, the latter tend to require more renovations. Nonetheless, if you can afford to pay for a resale flat in its initial stages, you may be able to benefit from it.

Buying a BTO flat

HDB BTO flats require a minimum five-year occupation period. This period begins when the buyer collects the keys. It is important to note that this period does not include any time when the flat has been rented out. During this time, you are not allowed to sell your unit or purchase another residential property.

Unlike resale flats, BTO flats allow you to enjoy a higher budget for repairs, renovations, and furnishing. As such, you will be able to enjoy a higher profit margin over the long term. In addition, you may qualify for government housing grants. Buying a BTO flat, however, has its risks.

The downside to BTO flats is their long waiting period. However, the upside is that you can always resell it after five years, if you so desire. As long as you can find a buyer willing to pay the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty, you will be able to resell it at a higher price than you paid for it initially.

Buying an EC unit

Buying an EC unit can be a very good option for first-time property buyers. These units are relatively cheaper than private condos and often feature modern facilities like air conditioning and kitchen tiles. Moreover, entry-level units come with smart home systems and built-in wardrobes. You can also save a lot of money by not having to do any renovations before moving in. In addition, you can visit a developer’s exclusive showflat and choose from a range of payment schemes that suit your budget.

Before registering your interest in an EC unit, you should be aware of the requirements for eligibility. Ideally, you should have no other property. If you have bought two housing units before, you will not be eligible for a second EC unit. Also, developers will reserve up to 70% of their supply for first-time buyers.

Retaining your HDB flat for rental yield

When you’re reselling your HDB flat, consider the rental yield. It is very important to get a good rental yield. It is also important to remember that property prices can sometimes get blown out of proportion. The higher your rental yield, the more money you can keep for your next property.

If you’re thinking of selling your HDB flat, you need to consider the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) rule. After you’ve obtained your keys, you must live in the flat for five years before you can rent it out. This is to prevent speculative buying and keeps the HDB flats affordable for genuine housing needs.

You can also buy another HDB flat and rent it out to tenants. However, you have to keep in mind that you’ll have to pay additional ABSD if you purchase a private property. You’ll also need to consider the effect of ABSD on your CPF usage.

Buying a Parc Centros flat

The location of the Parc Central Residences executive condo is highly convenient, and the area is well served by public transportation. The Tampines MRT station and bus interchange are both located within a 2-kilometer radius of the development. These stations are interchanges for two major lines of the MRT network, and they are convenient for commuting to the nearby town center and shopping malls. Alternatively, the Tampines East MRT station is slightly further from the town center, but it is also within walking distance of the condo.

The Parc Central Residences will consist of eleven 16-storey blocks with a total of 700 units. All units are north-south facing, and range in size from three to five bedrooms. The design of each unit emphasizes a family-friendly environment. The homes will include a yard for laundry, natural ventilation, and spacious master bedrooms.

Yuan Ching Road Properties Set to Receive Interest

Listed for collective sale last month, Yuan Ching Road Condo is one of the most recent enblocs in Jurong. It boasts a plot ratio of 2.1 and a total land area of 17,834 square metres. However, the developers were unable to raise the funds to launch the collective sale, which has resulted in a steep price drop. However, buyers can still expect a premium over individual unit prices.

Jurong Lakeside District

A joint venture has stepped forward to purchase Yuan Ching Road properties in Jurong Lakeside District. This partnership comprises mainboard listed developer Chip Eng Seng, local property developer SingHaiYi and Park View Holdings. The group will purchase the sites on a 99-year leasehold basis.

The Jurong Lakeside District is undergoing massive redevelopment and is poised to become the second CBD in Singapore. In addition to this, the Jurong Region Line is slated to open in 2027, thereby boosting connectivity. It is a good location for people who want to be close to their workplaces while enjoying good investment potential.

Parkview Mansions

A new enbloc in Jurong is relaunching its collective sale tender with a lower reservation price. The price of Parkview Mansions, comprising 160 units with a 99-year leasehold, will be reduced to $250 million by 12 December. It initially listed at $320 million in March 2018.

The Yuan Ching Road property is located near the Lakeside MRT station. It has an approximate GFA of 403,145 square feet and is zoned for residential development. It is near the Jurong Lake District, one of Singapore’s fastest-growing integrated tourism districts. It is expected to fetch a price of S$260 million when fully developed. Its land rate is $1,023 per square foot, and it has over 400 thousand square feet of redevelopment potential.

Chip Eng Seng

The Yuan Ching Road condominium project is located in the heart of Singapore. The complex offers an array of services and amenities, including a homestay for residents. The project is a joint venture between Chip Eng Seng and KSH Holdings. When complete, it will have a total cost of over SG$260 million. Both companies will use internal funds and external borrowings to finance the project.

The property is currently under construction. The developer expects to launch the project soon. A full e-brochure is available for those interested in acquiring a unit. Prices are expected to start at $2050 psf. The project will feature 440 residential units and a gross plot ratio of 2.1.


Chip Eng Seng and KSH Holdings have been in a number of high-profile real estate deals recently, including the acquisition of the Peace Centre/Peace Mansion for $650 million in December. They are also partners in a new development, TK 189, which will feature 440 units spread across 17834.8 square feet. The project will be located near Lakeside MRT station and offer unobstructed views of Jurong Lake. It is expected to be completed this year.

KSH has sold the former Park View Mansions Enbloc, a block of four 10-storey residential blocks that have 160 units. The new owners plan to redevelop the site and sell it at a premium. They aim to create a development with a range of luxury and high-end apartments with unobstructed views of Jurong Lake. The project is expected to cost SG$260 million, which will be funded by internal funds and external borrowing.

Evia Real Estate

Yuan Ching Road is one of the premier developments in Singapore, offering an exceptional location within the city centre. Located near major arterial roads and MRT stations, it is easily accessible by car or public transport. It is also close to a number of educational and cultural institutions.

The project is a joint venture between BBR Development, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BBR Holdings, Evia Real Estate and CNH Investment, and Ho Lee Group. It comprises five 20-storey blocks, with most units boasting panoramic views of Fairways Country Club and Jurong Lake. A new development is due to be completed in 2023.

SingHaiyi Pearl

The Park View Mansions in Jurong are expected to fetch $260 million. The property has 160 units and is held under a 99-year leasehold agreement. The developer and two other companies, CEL Development and SingHaiyi Pearl, are jointly developing the project. The joint venture will fund the project through internal funds and external borrowings.

The project is a hybrid public-private partnership. The site is expected to yield about 375 residential units, a shopping mall, food court, childcare centre, and other amenities. The site is also expected to command a S$1,023-per-square-foot price.

Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 Amenities and Transportation Options

Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 is conveniently located near several transportation options and amenities. There are numerous buses and taxis that can get you around the area easily. There are also several MRT stations that you can easily get to. If you prefer driving yourself, there are also car rental services available near Bukit Batok.

Bukit Batok MRT Station is located on Bukit Batok West Avenue 8. It’s close to several amenities, including NTUC Fairprice, Giant, Westgate, and Bukit Batok Community Centre. The area is also home to the Bukit Batok Swimming Complex and Bukit Gombak Sports Centre. It’s also located near Bukit Batok Bus Interchange.

Bukit Batok EC is a new development that is near the Bukit Batok MRT Station and the X MRT station. It’s located in Bukit Batok Town and is expected to release 375 units in the near future. It will feature convenient public transport connections, a hawker centre nearby, and a long lease.

Bukit Batok EC is one of the newest developments in the neighbourhood. It’s a hybrid public-private development that will have 375 units and a food court. It will also feature childcare on the first floor.

If you’re trying to find Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 in Singapore, you’ve come to the right place. With Moovit, you can get directions and maps to any location in Singapore, including Bukit Batok West Avenue 8. Moovit is also your go-to app for public transit in Singapore, making it easy to find a route and get directions from one location to another.

Bukit Batok West Avenue 8 is located close to Bukit Batok MRT Station, as well as the Pan Island Expressway, which connects many areas of Singapore. It is also located near several shopping centers, including the HillV2 and Beauty World Centre.

Le Quest is a new mixed development located in the Bukit Batok neighborhood. This project will feature 516 residences and 6,000 square meters of commercial space. It will also feature a supermarket, childcare center, and a number of restaurants. The development will be built on 158,194 square feet of land. It is zoned for 474,591 square feet of gross floor area. The project has won a competitive bidding process against 11 other developers.

The development is located within the vicinity of the future High Speed Rail, which is expected to connect Singapore with KL, Malaysia in the coming years. It is also near several shopping centres, including the Jurong East Mall. There is also an MRT station in close proximity to the development. Additionally, the property is situated near a number of educational institutions. Schools located nearby include Millennia Institute Pioneer Junior College, NTU, and Dunearn Secondary School.

Located near the Bukit Batok MRT station on the North-South Line, Bukit Batok EC is conveniently accessible by bus to many parts of Singapore. Additionally, the area is close to the Pan Island Expressway, allowing residents to easily travel across the entire country. As such, it is a great place to live if you’re on a tight budget, but don’t want to sacrifice convenience.

Bukit Batok EC is an upcoming estate located near the central business district of Singapore. It is close to a number of amenities, including the nearby Bukit Batok MRT station and the nearby Tengah Town. In addition to its proximity to public transportation, residents will also find that it is located near the upcoming Pasir Ris MRT station, which is expected to be operational by 2030. Furthermore, Bukit Batok EC is located only 300 meters from the Le Quest shopping mall and is within easy reach of various supermarkets, including Guardian, NTUC Fair Price Finest, KFC, McDonald’s, and more.

73% of Copen Grand EC Sold on Launch Day

Copen Grand EC in Tengah Town, Singapore, is a first-of-its-kind executive condominium. It is priced from $680 psf to S$1,300 psf. Seventy-three percent of its 465 units were sold on launch day. Developers are offering a deferred payment scheme so buyers can pay later. In addition, there are still choice units left for first-time buyers.

The development is a prime location close to the Jurong Lake District, Jurong Innovation District, and three upcoming MRT stations. The development is the first executive condominium in the area, and seventy percent of units sold on launch day. Sales are expected to be good in the first quarter of 2019.

The area has convenient transportation links, including the Pan Island Expressway and Kranji Expressway. This means fast travel to other parts of Singapore. The site is surrounded by a generous plant life and confidential nursery regions, ensuring a smooth and convenient commute. There’s even a bus station and local club in the area.

The community features parklands, community farms, and waterbodies. Five districts will provide different lifestyle choices for residents. The Garden district will feature a Market Place, lots of community farms, and a network of walking and cycling routes. Residents can enjoy their lives on a serene, green estate.

The location of Copen Grand EC makes it an excellent option for families with children. The development is near several amenities, including a school with an international accreditation. It’s also near a shopping paradise in the Tengah district. This means that many people have a good commute to work or school.

The food scene is also an important benefit for residents. A variety of cafes, hawker centres, and restaurants provide a wide range of international and local cuisines at affordable prices. Whether it’s a meal for two or an all-day snack, Copen Grand EC’s diverse dining options will satisfy your cravings.

The community also has amenities for families. There’s a children’s clubhouse and arrival lounge. It also has an active garden zone and a fitness zone on its multi-storey car park roof terrace. The community also offers a swimming pool, tennis court, and a playground.

Serangoon North is The Best District to Stay in Singapore

If you’re staying in the Serangoon North district, you’ll be close to Chinatown, Little India, and Marina Bay. The Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre is a bustling hawker centre where you can find fresh produce and home-made cakes. The quaint street shops are also great places to buy souvenirs. You can also visit the nearby Immaculate Heart of Mary Church and the Serangoon ActiveSG Stadium, where you can watch athletic competitions.

Serangoon North is home to a number of parks and leisure facilities. The Serangoon Public Library is home to more than 180,000 books, magazines, and other materials. Its collections range from informational books to popular fiction. This district is also home to a large number of retail outlets and other amenities.

Guests can choose from budget and luxury accommodation in this vibrant neighborhood. The area is near the financial district and many of the city’s landmarks and attractions. There are many famous buildings and monuments in this neighbourhood. It’s also a convenient location for those on business in Singapore.

Serangoon has everything you need for a comfortable stay, from international cuisine to local favourites. The neighbourhood is home to several Indian restaurants. In addition to hawker stalls, there are restaurants offering local fare. One popular restaurant is the Suriya Curry House, which opened in 2003. It has a 24-hour corner kopitiam at Upper Serangoon Road. The restaurant offers a wide selection of comforting Indian dishes, including prata, appam, and uthappam. The kopitiam also offers a range of beverages and has a 24-hour front desk.

If you’re visiting Singapore and looking for a great place to stay, then look no further than Chinatown in Serangoon North. The district is vibrant and lively, especially during special events, and is easily accessible by MRT metro. Chinatown is also home to some of the most authentic food in the city. In addition, hotels in the district are cheaper than those in other areas. Many of them are converted old warehouses, making them a great option for a budget-conscious traveler.

You can easily get to Chinatown from several MRT stations: Telok Ayer Station, Outram Park Station, and Raffles Place Station. If you’re staying in the area, be sure to check out the Chinatown Heritage Centre, which houses a museum about the district’s history. You can also check out the Thian Hock Keng Mural, a 44-metre-long mural by Yip Yew Chong that depicts the lives of early Hokkien immigrants.

If you want to enjoy all the attractions and sights of Singapore, Serangoon North is a great place to stay. There are several MRT stations nearby, including Raffles Place, Chinatown and Outram Park. This district is also a good place to experience the different ethnic communities of the city, and you can spend the day exploring the various places of interest on foot. You can also visit the Chinatown Heritage Centre, which has a lot to tell you about the city’s past. You can also check out the Thian Hock Keng Mural, a 44-meter long painting by Singaporean artist Yip Yew Chong that depicts the story of early Hokkien immigrants.

There are plenty of hotels to choose from in this district. Most are affordable, so you can find the best place for your budget. Alternatively, you can choose to stay in a luxury hotel in the district. You’ll be able to enjoy the restaurants and cafes, and you can easily reach the airport and the rest of Singapore from here.

If you’re planning to visit Singapore for the first time, you should consider staying in the area around Marina Bay. This district is very popular among tourists and offers a variety of activities for your family. It’s close to many of the city’s major attractions, and its hotels are easily accessible via public transportation. The MRT train system and bus service are excellent for getting around the city.

Serangoon is an interesting residential neighbourhood in the North-East region of Singapore. The area has a village-like atmosphere, and is well connected to the city center via a MRT station. The area has a wealth of restaurants, bars, and other attractions.

The best places to stay in Singapore are not necessarily located in the most expensive districts. Kampong Glam, also known as Arab Street, is an ideal location for foodies. This district is filled with boutique shops, trendy cafes and street art.

Kampong Glam is quiet during the day but comes alive at night with live music. Its many boutique hotels are ideal for tourists on a tight budget. The River City Inn is a great choice for budget-conscious travelers. This affordable hotel is located near the main shopping street and other attractions.

You will find museums in this district, as well as hawker food markets. This district is also a good choice for people who want to get close to the sights and attractions of Singapore. Although the area lacks the big attractions, there are still plenty of things to see and do. You can spend the day exploring the city’s historic sites and dining in this area. You’ll also be close to the central business district.

The Former JCube Shopping Centre to Be Converted Into a Mixed Development Condo

The Former JCube Shopping Centre to Be Converted Into a Mixed Development Condo

The former JCube Shopping Centre may soon see a dramatic transformation into a new residential building. Developer CLD is considering the move because of stiff competition from nearby shopping malls and a strong demand for new homes at the JCube site. However, some mall consolidation is inevitable, says Seshan Ramaswami, an associate professor of marketing education at the Singapore Management University.

CapitaLand’s acquisition of JCube

The recent acquisition of JCube Shopping Centre by CapitaLand Development paves the way for redevelopment plans. Located in Jurong Lake District, Singapore’s largest business district outside the CBD, the mall is close to several major transportation hubs. Last year, the mall achieved an occupancy rate of 95.5%, a record for any shopping mall in Singapore.

The sale price of $340 million represents a premium over the latest valuation for the JCube shopping mall. The JCube is one of three CICT malls in the Jurong East region and is one of the smallest assets by net lettable area.

The proposed redevelopment of JCube is expected to boost the local property market. However, the proposed redevelopment will require an approval from the Urban Redevelopment Authority. The JCube site will consist of a mix of residential and commercial space. A new residential tower would be constructed above the commercial spaces.

CapitaLand is one of Singapore’s largest retail REITs. It is listed on the SGX and owns 15 malls in Singapore. The company is considered to be a stable and reliable investor, with its income stable and strong financial status. The company is looking to raise its AUM to $10 billion by 2020.

The JCube Shopping Centre’s occupancy rate is low compared to its peers. It is lower than any other property in CMT’s portfolio, and it is currently below 90%. The mall’s owners are trying to position it as a hub for sports activities, and have recently added a 24-hour fitness centre.

Future of JCube

CapitaLand Development has acquired the JCube shopping mall, located in Singapore’s Jurong Gateway, and intends to redevelop it. The centre has a 95.5% occupancy rate last year, which was good for a shopping mall in Singapore. The new owner is expected to invest in the mall and redevelop it to be an integrated transport hub with bus interchange and community institutions.

The new Jurong East bus interchange is expected to boost footfall. The new terminal will be built just next to the JCube and should increase traffic in the area. In addition, the Singapore government plans to build 20,000 new houses in the Jurong East district in the next decade, bringing additional footfall to JCube.

Investors are also concerned about the JCube’s deteriorating occupancy rate. It is currently lower than any other property owned by CMT. The occupancy rate fell from 94.3% the year before to 90.9% in December. Despite this, the company is positioning the mall as a sports hub, and has added a 24-hour gym. It also plans to explore potential divestiture and redevelopment options for JCube.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has issued a master plan for the area. It suggests that the JCube’s land could be converted to a mixed-use property with residential units on top. The company also intends to redevelop the mall to be more suitable for residential use.

The lease for JCube will expire in March 2023. During this period, the land plot ratio of the centre will increase from 3.0 to 4.2. Meanwhile, CapitaLand Development has also been looking at alternatives to redevelop the site. It also plans to replace the ice rink at JCube with a mixed-use residential complex.

Impact on neighbouring malls

In its bid to convert the former JCube Shopping Centre into a residential tower, CapitaLand Development (CLD) faces a number of challenges. One of the biggest is the strong demand for residential properties in Jurong East. The development could eventually generate prices of up to $2,000 per sq ft. Meanwhile, private properties in the same neighbourhood sell for around $1,500 per square foot.

A new masterplan for the JCube plot has been approved by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), with plans to develop it into a residential-led development with commercial spaces on the first storey. This will increase the plot ratio of the development from 3.0 to 4.2. The JCube Shopping Centre, owned by CapitaLand, was first opened in 2012 after undergoing major refurbishments. It has a capacity of 30,000 shoppers.

Although the redevelopment of the JCube Shopping Centre is expected to create a mixed-use development, its impact on neighbouring malls remains unclear. The former JCube Shopping Centre is located about 200m from Jurong East MRT station. Other nearby malls include IMM, Westgate and Jem mall.

Cost of mixed-use development at JCube

Developer CapitaLand has plans to develop a larger property at JCube Shopping Centre. The mixed-use development will be a new shopping mall that focuses on e-commerce and residential spaces. Currently, the demand for residential space is high in Jurong East, and the development could bring in as much as $2,000 per sq ft. In the next two years, another 970 flats in Jurong East are due for completion.

JCube is part of Jurong Gateway, a planned urban development in the Jurong Lake District. It is located adjacent to the Jurong East MRT interchange station, which serves the existing Jurong MRT lines and the new Jurong Region Line. The proposed development will also include community institutions and a bus interchange.

JCube has five floors and three basement levels, as well as an outdoor garden. It has a total net lettable area of 210,038 sq ft. It is a 99-year leasehold. The developer expects the development to add up to $90 million in retail space.

The sale of JCube is a good way for the developer to reposition the property. It is expected to generate S$340m, which is a 22 percent premium to the mall’s valuation. This will provide CICT with capital to fund future acquisitions.

The latest commercial site near the JTC Summit has launched for sale. It can be developed into a 25-storey scheme. Its GFA is 695,000 square feet and has to contain at least 90% office space. According to JLL’s national director of research and consultancy, the site is expected to fetch bids of $700-800 psf ppr.

The developer may also benefit from rezoning the site and offering a higher plot ratio. For example, if he rezones the site for a mixed-use development, the cost per sq ft could go up to S$1,200.

Tengah EC at Jurong Region Line Near to Tengah Garden Estate

Tengah EC is located in Tengah Town. It is connected to the Central Business District and Marina Bay by an expressway. Tengah Executive Condominium is a great choice for investors and homebuyers alike. There are many amenities nearby, including a fitness center and a swimming pool. The location is perfect for commuters, as there are many bus and taxi services available. In addition, it is easily accessible from other parts of the city.

The Tengah Garden Walk EC is a unique urban development in Singapore. This holistic environment aims to promote total relaxation and physical rejuvenation. Its numerous species of plants and water features provide a refreshing environment that will revitalize your mind and body. In addition, the development will also provide a place to enjoy nature. There are many reasons why this urban development project is an exciting option for residents of Singapore.

This new EC is a joint development between two companies: City Developments Limit and MCL Land. The company has a wholly owned subsidiary called Taurus Properties SG Pte. Ltd., which won the tender for the development project. The developer has proposed a land area of 22,020 square metres, and a gross floor area of 61,659 square metres. The new development will have twelve blocks with up to fourteen stories and 620 residential units. The development is expected to achieve BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS and a super low energy rating.

The Tengah Garden Walk EC near to garden farmway district is a new residential estate that is expected to be completed by H2 2020. It is located near the Chinese Garden MRT station, Jurong West Industrial Estate, Downtown West, SAFRA, and the SAFRA. The estate’s proximity to public transport means that residents can reach their destinations in no time. The Tengah Garden Walk EC is a prime location for young families or professionals who are looking for a new home.

The Tengah EC is an executive condominium in Tengah, a new town that is on the way to being developed into a smart, sustainable city. It is just a 10-minute walk to the Tengah Town Centre and is also close to the Jurong Innovation District and Jurong Lake District. The development is a joint venture between City Developments Limited and MCL Land. With over 1400 units, it will provide a convenient living experience for its residents.

The Tengah EC is the first of its kind in the Tengah area. It will have 12 blocks with heights of up to 14 stories and 620 residential units. It will be surrounded by lush green landscapes and generous landscaping. It is expected to be finished by June 2022. Its release date is not yet finalized, but we hope to see it in action by that time.

Copen Grand Tengah EC is set to set the standard for future developments. The development is part of the Tengah estate, which is currently undergoing a transformation into a smart town. It will feature car-free zones in the town center, and will also include greenery and dedicated farming areas. The town centre will also feature three MRT stations: Tengah MRT station, Tengah Plantation MRT station, and the Tengah Park MRT station.

The location of Tengah EC is near the future MRT station and the bus terminal. It is also close to the planned Tengah Town District, which will feature separated pedestrian roads to allow for a safer environment for walkers and cyclists. The town will also feature car-lite zones and free parking. In addition, residents can expect plenty of green spaces and ample outdoor space.

The EC is located near amenities such as a bus interchange, a sports centre, eateries, and retail spaces. The EC is also within a 2-kilometer radius of two primary schools: Princess Elizabeth Primary School and Shuqun Primary School. In addition to the EC, the town also has several other educational institutions within the vicinity of Tengah. Its proximity to major public facilities makes it an ideal place to raise a family.

ECs are expected to be built throughout the town, including the Copen Grand EC in Tengah Town. It is located on Tengah Garden Walk, which will transform this area into a smart town. Residents of Tengah EC will have excellent transportation connectivity, as the upcoming Jurong Region Line connects the Tengah MRT station to Boon Lay MRT station, which is also close to Jurong East MRT.

The concept of Tengah EC aims to create a smart community in a forest environment. It features a number of smart features that are eco-friendly and sustainable, including green roofs, automated waste collection, and a centralized cooling system. The town’s green features also promote a healthy lifestyle. Residents will also benefit from public transportation and free parking, which makes Tengah EC a great place to live.

The development is located near the CBD and will be the first in the West region. It will feature green features and smart condominiums. Tengah EC’s amenities will also include a future car-free town centre and centralized cooling system. This town centre will also feature a variety of restaurants and other amenities. It will be an excellent choice for those who want to live in the city while being environmentally-friendly.

The Tengah town center will feature a variety of commercial space and eateries, as well as a sports hub and a town centre. It will also feature a polyclinic, community club, and bus interchange. Tengah EC will also feature a school system that includes both private and public schools. It will be an excellent place to raise a family. The nearby MRT station will provide access to all of Singapore’s major transportation hubs.

The EC is located near many important facilities including a bus terminal, future MRT station, and the upcoming Tengah Town District. Residents will also enjoy a car-lite environment with separated pedestrian and cycle paths. Public transport will be available at the EC, and residents will enjoy ample outdoor space and free parking. The EC is located near several schools, including Shuqun Primary School, Princess Elizabeth Primary School, and CHIJMES Singapore.

The development will span 700 acres and will include a car-free town centre. It is within walking distance of three MRT stations and the future car-free town centre. Future developments are planned in the area, including a sports centre, bus interchange, and polyclinic. The site has twelve designated educational plots, including a primary school, and is close to Princess Elizabeth Primary School and Shuqun Primary School.

The EC is located in Tengah, an area of Singapore within a planned smart town. It is near three MRT stations on the Jurong Region Line, and has an estimated 620 units. The development has a basement carpark and a full condo facility. The development’s tenure is 99 years. The TEC will be ready in 2026. The development’s location is ideal for families and students, and its proximity to schools and other amenities will be ideal.

If you’re interested in purchasing a property in Singapore, you should check out Tengah EC. This new property development is close to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and boasts several greeneries. It also has recreational facilities, such as a swimming pool and fitness centre. There are also balconies overlooking greenery. Tengah EC is expected to be the first of its kind in the West.

In order to help protect the environment, the developers of Tengah EC have worked hard to ensure that the development is green and sustainable. There are many nature-friendly features throughout the property, such as rainwater collection systems, and geothermal heating for communal homes. Residents will also appreciate that the project is committed to being environmentally friendly. It is a great opportunity for anyone interested in living green and helping the environment.

Residents can enjoy the lush landscaping of Tengah EC, a first for the region. The development will feature over 6,000 new flats and a lush 80-hectare landscape that resembles a Botanic Garden. The development will also have a peaceful wooden courtyard with a pond in the middle. A total of 12 plots of land have been designated for educational institutions. In addition to the greenery, the community will have numerous shopping malls and restaurants.

Marina Gardens Lane Residences Condo at Marina Bay is a luxury mixed apartment complex located in District 1

Marina Gardens Lane Residences Condo at Marina Bay is the tallest residential property in Singapore. The property has a panoramic view of the city and the bay and is connected to the Raffles Place MRT station via underground tunnel. Ample amenities are located nearby. Marina Gardens Lane Residences Condo at Marina Bay is located close to major attractions, such as the Singapore River and the proposed Integrated Resort and Casino. In addition to a panoramic view of the bay, residents will enjoy a park aerial vista.

Marina Gardens Lane Residences Condo at Marina Bay is a luxury mixed apartment complex located in District 1. It is the country’s tallest residential tower. This complex offers a luxurious lifestyle and is strategically located near a train station, Raffles Place. There are 364 units available for sale, ranging in size from 1,259 square feet to 2,323 square feet. Prices at Marina Gardens Lane Residences have increased by 2.08% in the last year.

Marina Gardens Lane Residences at Marina Bay offers stunning views of the Marina and the city. Its four-bedroom unit is on the 61st floor. Most apartments and condominiums in District 1 are two-bedroom units and are hardly ever four-bedroom ones. And if you can get a unit with a view of Marina Bay, you’re lucky. In this case, you’ll have to make do with a less expensive unit on a lower floor.

Marina Gardens Lane Residences at Marina Bay is a 99-year leasehold residential tower in District 1 of Singapore. Located right next to Marina Bay Sands, the building offers spectacular views of the city and the sea. It’s close to the Telok Ayer Market, Singapore River, and Suntec City. A subway station will be built near the building in the near future. Marina Gardens Lane Residences Condo at Marina Bay is Singapore’s tallest apartment building.

Marina Gardens Lane Residences is a waterfront lifestyle condominium located at 2 Marina Boulevard Spore 018987. At 245 metres high, this landmark building is Singapore’s tallest residential building. Residents of Marina Gardens Lane Residences are treated to breathtaking views of the city skyline and enjoy its iconic location. In addition, it is located near Suntec City and the Esplanade. This luxury apartment complex is an extremely desirable choice for investors and tenants alike.

Located at New Downtown Marina Bay, Marina Gardens Lane Residences is an elegant six-star waterfront lifestyle condominium with spectacular views of the city. Residents of Marina Gardens Lane Residences can enjoy their sweeping views of the city from their private sky terraces. Located just steps away from Marina Bay Sands and other major attractions, this luxury residence is conveniently accessible from the MRT station at Raffles Place. There are also many dining options in the surrounding area.

Marina Gardens Lane Residences is a luxury waterfront lifestyle condominium that opened in 2008. It is 245 m (804 ft) tall and comprises 70 storeys. Marina Gardens Lane Residences has stunning views of the city and is located close to Suntec City, Marina Bay Sands, the Esplanade, and the Singapore River. Marina Gardens Lane Residences offers luxurious one, two, three, and four-bedroom units, as well as penthouses, with breathtaking cityscape views. Residents can also take advantage of the amenities on-site such as the infinity pool, spa, and tennis courts.

The Raffles Place MRT station is an underground interchange station in Singapore, located in the Downtown Core. The station is situated beneath Raffles Place, which is the heart of Singapore’s financial district. It is located just south of the Singapore River. From the station, you can get to the heart of the city via the nearby upcoming Raffles City Centre MRT station. You can also take the MRT to other parts of Singapore by using the Raffles Place MRT station.

The Raffles Place MRT station is a cross-platform interchange station located near Battery Road and D’Almeida Street. It opened in December 1987 along with City Hall. This station is the hub for several commuters in the City Centre area. It serves the East West Line, which occupies two tracks, and the NSL, which covers three tracks. It is also a convenient transfer station for passengers who need to transfer to the East West Line and vice versa.

The Raffles Place MRT station has been upgraded to TITAN faregates in October 2014. The underground link runs from City Hall to Raffles Point. It is equipped with escalators that connect the station concourse to the platforms below. There are also toilets in the unpaid areas, near the Passenger Service Centre. The station is also home to retail shops, such as 7-Eleven and EC House.

The One Raffles Place office building complex consists of two buildings: a fifty-storey North Tower and a 29-storey South Tower. The One Raffles Place office complex has a direct underground link to the Raffles Place MRT station, which makes it easy for workers to commute to work. The building is also Green Mark Platinum certified, allowing it to be environmentally friendly.

Marina Gardens Lane Residences Condo at Marina Bay is a 99-year leasehold property development with a total of 1,111 residential units. The units are available in one, two, three, and four-bedroom layouts. All units are fitted with Jado bathroom fittings, Gateman digital lock set with card access feature, motion detector lighting at the entrance foyer, and Miele kitchen appliances.

One of the best things about Marina Gardens Lane Residences Condo at Marina Bay is that it offers a lower price. Compared to the Marina One Residences, transactions here can be as low as S$ 2,011 per square foot. This is because the project is currently in the first phase of development. The other tower will come online after the first tower is completed. Hence, it is best to purchase your unit as soon as possible.

Marina Gardens Lane Residences Condo at Marina Bay is a luxury property in the city. It is surrounded by world-class facilities and is a must-visit for those who love living at the heart of the city. It is conveniently close to the central business district, and many recreational and cultural landmarks are located nearby. Marina Gardens Lane Residences Condo at Marina Bay is surrounded by world-class amenities.

The Marina Bay waterfront promenade will be a 11.7-kilometre stretch of waterfront. It will connect the new Sports Hub, Gardens by the Bay, and the Marina Reservoir. A live-work-play environment that encapsulates the essence of a global city will become a reality here. The city’s thriving business district is home to a variety of unique lifestyle concepts and world-class amenities.

Marina Gardens Lane Residences at Marina Bay is a landmark of Singapore’s skyline. The two-hundred and forty-five metre high, seventy-story condominium is Singapore’s tallest condominium and ranks among the world’s top ten residential buildings. Located next to the Singapore River, this luxury condominium is close to a number of attractions, including the world-famous Marina Bay Sands. Zendog’s hot dogs are okay but nothing to raving about. Try the pork sausage instead of beef.

Marina Gardens Lane Residences at Marina Bay is an upscale mixed-use condominium in District 1 of Singapore. With panoramic views of the city and the sea, this condo provides the ultimate waterfront lifestyle. This development also boasts an underground link to Raffles Place MRT station. Aside from its luxurious features, Marina Gardens Lane Residences is also strategically located for easy access to local amenities and business hubs. A quick stroll away from the waterfront is the Suntec City, Marina Bay Sands, and Telok Ayer Market.

MCL Land and CDL are planning to build a total of 620 EC units on the Tengah Estate

CDL and MCL Land have submitted the Tender Bid for Copen Grand EC. Located near the existing Shuqun Primary School and Princess Elizabeth Primary School, the site is suitable for both elementary and secondary education. The site has amenities including a sports complex, a community club, and a polyclinic. The site plan and elevation map of Copen Grand EC are included in the document. A balance unit chart has also been drawn up for the project.

MCL Land and CDL are planning to build a total of 620 EC units on the Tengah Estate. The new development is set to be built on an upcoming 99-year leasehold site near three MRT stations on the Jurong Region Line. The ECs will have impressive transportation connectivity, with many of the units located near schools, parks, and recreational areas.

The top bid is based on a per plot ratio of $1,129 square feet, a price that is higher than analysts’ estimates. This is higher than the top bid for a site in the nearby GLS neighbourhood, which was awarded at a psf ppr of $1,001 in 2017. The developer also intends to maintain a healthy land inventory level in the vicinity.

In addition to this, the joint venture between City Developments Limited (CDL) and MCL Land, Taurus Properties SG Pte. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CDL, won the bid for SGD 400,318,000, or $603 per square foot, per plot ratio. The bid was also higher than the previous record, which was set at $583psf ppr for Sumang Walk EC. The previous highest-priced plot was on Yishun Avenue 9, which sold for $576psf ppr.

The EC at Tengah MRT station will be the first executive condominium (EC) to launch in a new western location. The project is a rare opportunity as the site is in close proximity to a future car-free town centre. It is expected to benefit from pent-up demand. Besides, the last EC to launch in this area was over six years ago.

The residential development at Copen Grand EC comprises 400 condominiums and apartments. The development is located just a few minutes’ walk away from three MRT stations. Tengah is the nearest station, and the other two are just 6 minutes’ walk away. The area is fast developing into one of the most prestigious residential and business communities in the country. The development is furnished and equipped with top-notch amenities. There’s even a Chinese language school.

Unlike many other ECs, the Copen Grand EC will have a smart city feel. The town will have five distinct districts with distinct features, forming the skeleton of the EC. These districts are planned to be highly diversified. They will provide new opportunities for living, working and recreation. The town will complement the Jurong Innovation District and Jurong Lake District.

The EC at the new town of Tengah will feature an array of commercial and recreational spaces. The site will be directly linked to the new Tengah MRT station. The project also features a polyclinic, community club, and bus interchange. Twelve parcels of land are already set aside for educational institutions. The town centre’s master plan incorporates visions for a sustainable, smart, and car-free town.

Located near the new township Tengah Town, the EC at the Tengah town is a must-see. The development offers a range of features including greenflies and smart technology. A mini-concert hall, a swimming pool, and a Chinese language school will surely keep residents entertained. Located at the new township, this condominium is expected to experience rapid growth and attract permanent residents and job seekers.

The site plan is ideal for executives and those who are looking to buy a property near the city’s main business district. With easy access to Bukit Batok MRT station, Tengah Town offers convenient location and proximity to the rest of Singapore. In addition, the location is close to the night safari, Chinese University, and major transportation hubs. The prices are more affordable here, and there is a wide selection of properties than anywhere else in Singapore. The site plan makes it a perfect place to invest in a property and build a business.

The new development will be located near the Central Business District, close to a park and creek. It will be easy to access the city’s attractions, such as the Jurong Innovation District, Pan Island Expressway, and the Kranji Expressway. The EC will be divided into five distinct districts, with each district having a different character and purpose. The EC will be car-free, with bicycle infrastructure throughout.

The Concept of Copen Grand EC is a smart, forest-based community. It will incorporate green and sustainable features, including wind turbines and solar panels. Residents will also have easy access to public transportation and free parking. This green development will also help improve the quality of air in the city. However, it will not be a perfect match for the existing infrastructure.

The EC features a wide variety of green features and is recognized by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as essential for a healthy community. There are parks and green spaces throughout the EC, and they also boast one of the largest biodiverse ecosystems in Southeast Asia. The parks are home to many rare species of flora and fauna. The EC is a hybrid between a private condominium and an HDB and is limited to Singapore citizens during its initial launch phase. To apply for an EC, one must be married and must have at least one partner in the same gender.

The developer of Copen Grand EC, City Developments Limited, is currently working on a landmark project in the heart of forest town. With generous landscaping and smart features, the development is aiming to earn BCA Gold Plus certification for its sustainability. Located within the heart of the forest town, Tengah is highly accessible to residents from all over Singapore. This development will be ready by Q3 2022.

It is expected to be the most desirable among executive condos in Singapore. The development is located near three MRT stations on the Jurong Region Line. The development will also be near the upcoming Changi Airport. The development will offer a range of layouts and unit sizes, from compact three-bedroom to grand five-bedroom residences. However, the developer does not disclose the price of individual units.

Located in a prime location with easy access to the future town centre, Copen Grand EC is within walking distance of amenities, including a polyclinic, community club, sports centre, bus interchange, and more. It will also be close to the proposed car-free town centre. At least six hundred and twenty residential units will be developed within the project. The development site will also contain playgrounds and retail outlets.

The Copen Grand EC is located near the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which provides residents with an array of recreational activities. The EC is well-connected to three MRT stations and is within a few minutes’ walk of the Jurong East Town Centre. A green belt separates the EC from the rest of the settlement, providing residents with a greener living environment. In addition to that, the Copen Grand EC is near to a number of public amenities, including schools, parks, shopping malls, and medical facilities.

The area is zoned for schools. It features an array of educational institutions, including Princess Elizabeth Primary School and Shuqun Primary School. Other educational institutions in the area include Jurong International School, Singapore Institute of Technology, and National University of Singapore. ECs in the western part of Singapore will be dedicated to environmental sustainability and eco-friendliness. There are also plans for a car-free town center in Tengah. Copen Grand EC is near three MRT stations along the yet-to-be-built Jurong Region Line.

The West Mall Shopping Centre is a short drive from the EC. There, you’ll find restaurants, retail stores, movie theaters, and hotels. Several of the nearby shops and restaurants will give you a taste of local and global cuisine. This is the perfect place to spend a relaxing afternoon or evening. Whether you’re planning to buy a condo or sell it, this area has plenty to offer.

The Copen Grand EC Smart Home will be the pioneer of nature-themed urban living. With integrated Smart Home features, this development will bring residents closer to nature while offering the convenience of smart technology. It will be designed to adhere to the Smart HDB Town Framework, which outlines four key dimensions. Its green features, including green roofs and rainwater collection systems, will promote a healthier lifestyle for residents.

Its location is excellent as it is easily accessible to the rest of the city and is close to several amenities. Copen Grand EC has freehold and midwood condos, and the properties are complete with all the amenities of a condo. Its maximum gross floor area is 61,659 sqm and is within walking distance of three MRT stations on the Jurong Region Line. It is also close to a future car-free town centre. The development will be developed by Taurus Properties SG, a joint venture with MCL Land, and will include 620 residential units with generous landscaping. The project will also be certified BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS, and will be built in an environmentally friendly way.

The development is situated near Tampines MRT station, and is close to several shopping malls, hawker centres, and movie theatres. It is also accessible to public transport, making it a popular location for many in the city. As such, the location is convenient to work or school. The master plan for the project includes plans to improve amenities. The EC Smart Home is close to the CBD, the Tampines MRT station, and the airport.

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