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Retro Sparks | Wedding of Dina and Denis


A wave of cheery vibes overwhelms as eyes fell on Dina and Denis’ vibrant wedding in blue and red, and decorated with patterns that bring joy to the occasion! Guests were invited to take a step back into time where vintage was all the rage and poofy dresses and slick suspenders were the call of the day. Their wedding was, as they put it, “beautiful, amazing and memorable!”

Her wedding dress is an Amanda Lee Weddings ball gown with blue crystals on the side and a sheer laced back. Denis matched theme of blue too with a vintage blue suit accompanied with a red hankie sewn by Dina’s mother.

Dina’s the chatty one while Denis’ a man of a few words; and it complemented each other perfectly. When they first got together, they hung out together almost everyday with their friends. “We went for KTV sessions, mahjong sessions, countless dinner and beach gatherings," The groom tells us. "I’m always very quiet while Dina always have unlimited topics to talk about.”

Denis presented a proposal video to Dina on her birthday. The video is truly made with love as he used many evenings and weekends together with friends who knew about photography and videography to help him. A separate video with well-wishes from close friends and her family members was prepared too! On her reaction: “The moment we reached East Coast Park, I saw my sisters, brother-in-law and nephew,” Dina remembers clearly. “He gave me a very beautiful bouquet and we had a great dinner. He then brought me to the beach, passed me an iPad to watch the video. After watching the video, I turned around and saw our friends behind us and he went down on his knee and popped the question. I was touched and of course, the answer was “YES”.”

The wedding tasks were split in a way where each could do what they were good at - Dina came up with most of the ideas while Denis piped in with suggestions and did most of the production work. “Our bridesmaids, groomsmen and wedding planner helped us a lot during the months of planning,” Denis chirped, thankful for all the assistance they had to make their dream wedding come true. “There were too many small details to look into and too much shopping to do as it‘s an outdoor wedding.”

Despite the realisation that not all of their guests could appreciate the style of their wedding, Dina and Denis chose to focus on the joy that the day had brought them. All the effort that their close family and friends had put into creating a wedding theme that echoed their effervescent personalities were worth much more than trivial comments.

At the end of the day, the couple listed 3 memories they loved the most throughout the months leading to their wedding:

  • “They day we went to view the wedding car, a Volkswagon Camper Van. We simply love it.”
  • “When I searched for my gown because I was excited to find a gown that could make me feels special.”
  • “Looking at our customized wedding invitation and other stationeries because they looked great.”

And one more lesson they learnt from the wedding? “It’s never about two persons,” and family matters the most to this loving pair.

Venue: Burkill Hall
Caterer: Purple Sage
Photography: Avenue 8
Videography: Academy Video Productions
Wedding Planner: Blue Calla
Gown: Amanda Lee Weddings
Suit: Tessuti Tailor (HP +65 6337 2320)
Groomsman Attire: Ai Lee Tailor (HP +65 6274 6692)
Page Boy Attire: Chateau De Sable (HP +65 6836 1445)
Hair & Make-Up : Kenneth Lee (HP +65 9694 3670)
Wedding Flowers: Fabulation
Props & Décor: Fabulation
Props & Décor (LOVE): SHAO Productions
Wedding Bands: Gold Heart
Wedding Cake: Cake Over Heels
Wedding Stationery: Nineteen Design Studio
Music: Love Notes

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