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Happy Together | Cherie and Kevin


All eyes were on them throughout the ceremony and they couldn’t stop the butterflies from fluttering whilst waiting to walk down the aisle! But the jitters left soon after Cherie and Kevin had said their vows. “With the party started, everything just rolled along and we had the most fantastic time. Especially with the speeches!” they quip.

Let’s meet the couple: Kevin is an avid rock climber while Cherie climbs, as well as hikes. So you can expect their travels to include some athletic fun as sports top their list of leisure activities. The same would go for their wedding concept.

The outdoors enthusiasts suited and dressed up in light, but gorgeous wedding attire for their outdoor celebration. Kevin’s tailored, light grey cotton suit had a very special detail – a logo (designed by Cherie and her bridesmaids) embroidered on the inside of his jacket. Sweet! Cherie’s beautiful gown was simple and classic. She stepped out in a full lace, mermaid cut gown complemented with a sweetheart neckline and had buttons trailing down her drop back. Exquisite!

The two had met at a bar in Hong Kong. The theme was “Nerds VS the Cool Kids” at the birthday celebration Cherie was at. All dressed up and embracing her role as a Girl Scout, Cheri was offering cookies to everyone. “Kevin was hanging out at the bar with friends and I so happened to be standing next to him,” Cherie recalls their first conversation. “He asked if he could have a cookie, and I said ‘Sure! Go for it. Chocolate’s the best.’”

Numbers were exchanged and it was only a month later when Kevin rang and asked Cherie out… on a climbing date! Cherie didn’t have any recent climbing experience and declined this first date. Kevin didn’t let that get him down and called again the next Saturday. “We arranged an impromptu date; a bit more conventional this time – drinks and dinner. Conversation was easy and I remembered thinking, hmm ok this guy might be interesting!”

The idea of proposing had been on Kevin’s mind, but how to get it done was the question he needed answers to. “We had previously chosen the ring together as I wanted to make sure that Cherie would like what she got! So she knew the question had to come at some point – she just didn’t know when!” On a weekend trip back to Singapore, Kevin had proposed in the bathtub of their suite in Marina Bay Sands, filling it with bubble foam. “It was a bit odd,” Cherie remembers. “But I later realised that it’d be a good screen to hide the ring with. Obviously I was overjoyed and also thought that that was quite a novel proposal. Very Kev – unplanned, impromptu but still very special.”

On their wedding day, they were buzzing with excitement but not everything was 100% ready. “There were still some details to be sorted out,” Cherie shares. “We were pretty much in project management mode, up until 4 hours before our afternoon ceremony. I initially planned a massage before getting ready, just to unwind and calm the nerves but as things would have it, the boys were having some difficulty with one of our main decoration pieces, so I had to cancel that to help out.” Looks like they’ve got it down pat! The pair tells us that the best thing about planning a wedding was the anticipation about how the day will turn out. The worst? Dealing with nitty gritty details and finding the budget  burgeoning out of control!

“We decided on the guest list together. I took care of the details and decor whilst Kevin was in charge of the budget and alcohol. Fortunately, the staff at the Rayavadee took care of most of the venue’s decor, and I only had to add little touches of decor to make it special for us.” Cherie and her bridesmaids had put together a “growing up” animation as part of the night’s entertainment, which also included a fire dance at the end of the evening, after the dancing!

Cherie and Kevin also had an extra personal touch to the celebrations. “One of the highlights of our wedding decor was the design of our wedding logo,” they add. “I then had it made into a large neon sign. It provided the perfect backdrop for our first dance, and eventually, I intend to install it as a lighting feature in our new apartment!” The night went great and the pair wished that there could have been more dancing at the wedding. “One other thing I learned from the wedding is that I never want to plan another one!”

Wedding planning tips from the couple:

  • Have checklists! And if you can’t remember it, it wasn’t important in the first place.
  • Improvisation! And not sweating the small stuff. In any case, everyone would still have a great time!

Venue & Flowers: Lisa Sookree, Rayavadee Krabi
Photography: Brian Ho, thegaleria
Videography: Derek Yeo, Treasure Productions
Gown: The Dressing Room
Suit: Moustache
Bridesmaid Dress: Mariee Bridal Couture and Evening Dress
Hair & Make-Up: Rayavadee Krabi
Wedding Cake: Rayavadee Krabi
Wedding Stationery: Handmade by Bridesmaid, Jannene Atkin-Day
Wedding Favour: Olivia, My Lovebites

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