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Colours and Quirks | Wedding of Jia Yin and Huanmin


Calling this wedding ‘cute’ just doesn’t cut it. To us it was brilliant, simply because Lee Jia Yin and Huang Huanmin did a beautiful job at putting together a DIY wedding. “The best part was being able to add that personal touch to create a special and meaningful wedding! There was no better way to celebrate yet another anniversary by watching the fruits of our labour unfold,” they beam.

It’s amazing to see how their creative and bubbly personalities magnified their theme of colour and quirk. Just take a look at Huanmin’s proposal video and you’ll get their personalities almost immediately! Be prepared for a dose of sweetness too; it made us go awww!

Jia Yin and Huanmin had met 8 years ago but it was only a year later that they bumped into each again and serendipitously started dating. “We’ve dived, rock climbed, endured the after pain of marathons and wake boarding, and still play tennis every Sunday with our friends.” She taught him tennis, he taught her rock climbing. They studied together, and after graduation, stayed up late working together. These sports enthusiasts adore travelling as well and took to the streets of Tokyo to have their pre-wedding shots taken.

Huanmin’s proposal idea was inspired by Love Actually, Jia Yin ’s favourite movie which the pair would watch every Christmas. “The scenes were shot at places of significance to us at the various stages of our lives,” They reminisce. “At school, the tennis court, and even Huanmin’s previous office where we spent many weekends working,” Though Jia Yin had an inkling that Huanmin would propose while on a private, quiet affair at Naumi hotel during their 6th anniversary as a couple, she did not anticipate the proposal clip at all! This proposal video was created by Huanmin (he stayed up all night creating the slides!), his brother and a close friend.


Jia Yin and Huanmin roamed the streets, playgrounds, forests and subway trains of Japan for a really interesting pre-wedding album. These photographs just make you stare, in a good way! Japan's landscape, sights and the architecture all fell into place with their sunshine looks and alluring charm. You'd think that these two really belonged in Nippon!

Jia Yin already had in her mind, the design, fabric and feel to look of her wedding attire and her vision was far from traditional. It consisted of a Cheong Sam for the first day, and a short white wedding gown accompanied with lace and tulle for the second day. Both dresses were tailored to be lightweight so she could easily go about the day in.

“My visions were actualized with the help of Valens from the then Ted Collection and everything just came together beautifully.” Jia Yin muses. “For the tea dress, we wanted a more glamorous look yet maintaining the iconic silhouette of a traditional cheongsam. Valens helped out picked out a silk fabric with a gorgeous floral motif and complemented it with red piping along the fringes.”

Huanmin’s inspiration for his suit was nothing less than expressive either. He gathered his creative resources and put together a look with individual pieces from Zara and Topman, completed with a bow tie and pocket square from Massimo Dutti. We absolutely adore the details!

The pair was aware that planning their wedding wasn’t going to be a straightforward task; the décor itself was ‘Level DIY’. “There were many things we wanted to personally DIY ourselves. Even though we closely monitored our timeline, we underestimated the time that was lost due to work commitments.” So instead of putting their differences aside, they put them to good use. Here’s what they did:

“We’re different but it’s crazy how our competencies complement each other perfectly. Anything to do with Photoshop, videos, music, was clearly Huanmin’s territory and because we acknowledge and are completely honest about each others’ strengths and weaknesses, Huanmin could focus on things he loves and was good at, instead of sweating the small stuff,” Jia Yin diligently explains how teamwork made their journey so much more enjoyable. “I, on the other hand, am good with details and craft, and all things related to coordination, making her our de facto wedding planner. I had the help of a good friend, Si Ling, who shared my love for creating things. Many of the things would not have been possible without her support and help along the way.” Props to you guys!


Here’s how they managed each other’s expectations:

  • We were open about what we wanted and did not want for our wedding.
  • No suggestion was brushed aside and many hours of discussion followed suit.
  • While we each worked on areas we were better at, we did not use our lack of knowledge as an excuse for not contributing to things. For instance, I handled the delicate craft stuff but Huanmin contribute in his little own way, by helping out with the easier tasks like painting, tying or stamping. Our way of working gave us both a sense of ownership to every single part of the planning.
  • We acknowledge that we aren’t jacks of all traits, and if we see how each other’s strengths complement each other, it helps us see that differences may not always be a bad thing.

Though they dreaded the repetitive chore of re-creating certain aspects of their DIY wedding such as working on wax seals and customized favours, they were optimistic through it all. “This was unavoidable as we did most of the manual work ourselves. Everything that we did, we had to repeat the process for 100-200 times. At least we kept ourselves motivated by laughing it off or even at each other to get through those crazy nights.” We too agree that working off the stress with fun and laughter works best!

Personal, fun and rhapsodic were the 3 words they would use to describe their big day. “The wedding is not only the start of our new life together,” they share. “In fact, the time spent putting the whole wedding together, is something many couples fail to enjoy.”

You read it here, everyone. And to Jia Yin and Huanmin, here's to a happy journey ahead!

Reception Venue: The Regent Hotel
Venue: Jamie & Joyce, Food for Thought @ Singapore Botanical Garden
Photography: Ivan Tan, Ivan Tan Photography
Videography: Richard, Mphoric Studio
Gown: Valens, VL Couture
Her Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Steve Madden & TOMS
Suit: Zara, Topman & Massimo Dutti
Hair & Make-Up: Melvin Tan, Ikon Studio
Wedding Flowers: Steve & Gladys, Joyous Florist
Ring Pillow: DIY Wooden Box from Art Friend (wood stained & hand painted by Jia Yin)
Wedding Bands: Tiffany & Co.
Wedding Stationery (Design): Mary, Mary Bernadette Lee
Wedding Stationery (Printer): Michelle, The Gentlemen’s Press
Entertainment: Afwan & Benny, Today’s Special

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Colour: Green, Purple
Theme: Do-It-Yourself

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