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European Escapade | Wedding of Celestal and Jun Quan


“No pain, no gain. It takes effort, early planning and good team rapport to have a really rewarding result at the end of the day.” – Celestal and Jun Quan

Pre-Wedding-Celestal and Jun Quan

Celestal Lee and Ong Jun Quan’s dreamy pre-wedding shoot locations are just heavenly! They’ve been to Prague, Paris and CeskyKrumlov. “Prague seems like a really pragmatic place which is very “fairy-tale” like. It had a touch of old classic buildings and castle-like churches,” the pair describes. On location, Celestal donned a sweetheart gown, inspired by a Vera Wang classic while Jun Quan sported a black classic with a slim cut and an old English cut in grey.

Photographed by Douglas Fun and assisted by Jeremy Lim, both from Avenue 8: Photographers + Videographers, each picture is framed with Europe’s beauty and in them, you can feel the warmth and romance between this besotted pair!

“It has always been Jun Quan’s dream to visit the 7 wonders of the world and various international monuments. We thought it’d be really meaningful to have our wedding photographs taken with all these grand monuments,” Celestal carries on to say that the monuments also symbolise that they’ve fulfilled milestones together. “Plus what’s not to like about Paris, where romance sizzles at an all-time high?”

“CeskyKrumlov was highly recommended by our photographer, Douglas! It was a sweet secret, tucked safely away from the city. I’ve always been intrigue with such small town charm as described in books of Enid Blyton, Nora Roberts and Sophie Kinsella. So when Douglas offered to take us to CeskyKrumlov for our photoshoot, I immediately agreed!”

Since this option wasn’t a regular wedding studio package, they had to handle logistical details on their own, which was a tedious task but they pulled it off. “Things like the gowns and shoes, took up large luggage space. We even have to take into consideration bring along small portable hand held steamer to iron our gown/suit after it has been cramped up in luggage for a very long time.”

Celestal also had to source for a suitable make-up artists for the trip. It was worrying for her as most artists in Europe would not be familiar with working with Asian skin. Fortunately for her Douglas was able to provide her with the right contacts, avoiding the trouble of the bride doing her own make up and hair on the trip!

They both agree that their team of wedding professionals played a very important part in creating a memorable shoot. “They made us feel very comfortable in our own skin, and when we did silly stuff, they did the same. It made the whole experience an extremely happy and fun-filled one!”

“Douglas and his assisting photographer, Jeremy really went all out to help us, even our make up artist Bara, was god sent. She followed us out in the cold biting wind at 4am in the morning for shoots, helping me with all my coats and stuff. The team was very selfless and is always putting our needs above theirs.”

Celestal and Jun Quan also had very differing views on what makes a good wedding photo. While Jun Quan prefers images that exude the feelings of grandeur, Celestal enjoys that warm, fuzzy feeling. “Our photographer was quite stressed over the different types of photos that Jun Quan and myself liked!” they quip. But when the final images were ready, they really blew us away. The images encompassed exactly what both of us wanted. We were very pleased.”

Pre-Wedding-Celestal and Jun Quan

Pre-Wedding-Celestal and Jun Quan

Pre-Wedding-Celestal and Jun Quan

Pre-Wedding-Celestal and Jun Quan

Pre-Wedding-Celestal and Jun Quan

Pre-Wedding-Celestal and Jun Quan

Pre-Wedding-Celestal and Jun Quan

“We enjoy going on overseas trips - hiking, trekking, backpacking trip together. We make it a point to do this once a year,” Celestal describes how the relationship has evolved since knowing each other back in school, where they hung out at the school clubhouse and went on movie and dinner dates. “We are also into animal welfare,” she adds.

As time passed, many proposal ideas were crushed and thrown into the bin. Jun Quan exhausted them all as Celestal was sharp enough to catch the surprises and wasn’t going to say ‘Yes’ that easily! “After 2 failed attempts, I managed to surprise her with a bouquet of roses & a Blvgari ring,” Jun Quan begins. Earlier on, Celestal and Jun Quan had an argument and didn’t talk for a few days but one night, he called to say he wanted to meet.

“He proposed with a bouquet of roses. But I didn’t accept as I think it wasn’t sincere. He told me to wait for him while he went to retrieve a Chanel bag from his car boot. I rejected again. Finally, he got out of his car with the proposal ring and proposed on bended knees. I relented.”

Venue: Paris, Prague & CeskyKrumlov
Photography: Avenue 8
Videography: AlvinAdeline & Co
Her Gowns: Vivian Gown
Her Shoes: Pazzion
Suit: Topshop & CYC tailor
His Shoes: Zara & Pedro
Hair & Make-Up (Prague & CK): Bara Krejcikova
Hair & Make-Up (Paris): Zhang Na
Wedding Favour: Donation to SOSD

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Theme: Classic

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