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Submit A Wedding

Submission Guide

We are constantly on a lookout for extraordinary pre-wedding, real weddings and ideas to inspire our readers... Read on to see what defines an extraordinary wedding or wedding idea.

Made with Love
We love to see step-by-step instructions (preferably with pictures)! So if you are the queen of crafting things from scratch, share the ideas that you like us to feature.

Share with us how you manage a wedding and keep it environmentally friendly.

Romance at its Peak
If your wedding all made with lots of sugary sweet touches (romance), think intimate, chandeliers, sugar flowers, pastels and lots of décor details.

Modern Chic
Think fabulous restaurants, endless rows of flowers, long table set up and yummylicious dessert bars.

Kind to Your Pockets
If your wedding is made with a budget yet turn out looking like a million dollar project (we meant beautiful and chic), send it to us!

Traditional & Cultural
Keeping in touch with tradition is something we love to see. We’ll love to show wedding celebrations by how couples from different cultures!

Need we say more? If you have gone all out to create a super extraordinary wedding, we would love to see it!

Destination (Pre-Wedding or Actual Day)
Having a wedding outside Singapore? We love destination weddings!

Submission Method

Every wedding story inspire, endear and enthral the romantics. The finer details of each wedding are captured with vivid anecdotes and photography. Each wedding idea when realised makes an important milestone for the soon-to-wed.

If you wish to submit your own wedding or a portfolio, simply make a selection of photo images that showcase your wedding or idea the best. Please include as many detailed photos as you wish and send it to us via the 3 methods of submission.

We will contact you with a personalised interview within 2 weeks of submission if your wedding has been selected.

A little note: If you have submitted your wedding for publication elsewhere, please let us know.

Option 1: Mail a CD ExtraOrdinary Weddings
Vbox 888352
Singapore 919191

Option 2: Send a Link
You can use online programs such as yousendit (www.yousendit.com) to upload photos and email the link to us.

Kindly include the following info:
- Bride and Groom’s Name
- Contact Number
- Email
- Wedding Date
- Wedding Location