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What is in a Rhyme?


Hidden meanings in quaint poetry
It might not be something customary for most weddings here but the significance of this little English rhyme is an important part for marriages overseas. Even if some may not take it to heart, the symbolisms found within this poem is too charming not to follow!

“Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in her shoe”

But how do these 3 lines bring good fortune to the bride and her marriage? Each “something” is a token of good luck and if all four items are with the bride on her wedding, that’s a recipe for a happy marriage.

Though it symbolizes something that’s being left behind when you enter a new stage in life, it also represents the acknowledgment of a fresh start. Brides, think of an item which represents the continuity you’ll have with your family when you embark on a new journey with your husband.

Blue Nails & Rings

Here are some ideas to incorporate the value “something old” into your modern wedding:

  • Childhood Handkerchief placed around bride’s bouquet
  • A piece of fabric from a relative’s wedding sewn into your gown or bouquet
  • Wearing a piece of jewellery or brooch from either the mother of the bride or groom
  • Displaying a wedding photo your grandparents or parents
  • And old wedding band, worn on a charm bracelet or necklace
  • Vintage buttons in your wedding gown designs
  • Photographs of courtship days as tokens to represent a new life together

A brand new item represents optimism for the new life ahead. If you’re not keen on looking around just for something new, don’t fret. You can also use items you already have that signify the anticipation a new chapter with your partner. Just remember, as long as it’s about the both of you, it works!

Blue Satin Shoes

Try these on for size:

  • New wedding gown
  • New jewellery
  • Keys to your new home
  • Indulge in new, luxurious lingerie
  • New shoes

Borrowing love and happiness from a married couple adds a touch of tender ancestry to a new marriage. This quirky symbolism of carrying good fortune over to the new bride also serves as a reminder that the bride her family and friends will always be there for her. So pick out something that’s close to your heart.

Photo from Style Me Pretty

Borrow these:

  • Hair accessories from your sister
  • Your cousin’s purse
  • Your best friend’s necklace
  • Earrings from your mother
  • Grandma’s embroidered handkerchief

“Marry in blue, lover be true.” - Blue has always been associated with weddings ever since before the late 19th Century. And since two centuries have passed, we’re allowed to have fun with this colour that symbolises fidelity, purity, modesty and love.

Try these:

  • Blue flowers – e.g hydrangea, lavender and rose
  • Blue gemstone/rhinestones in your hair accessories or jewelry
  • Blue ribbons in your hand bouquet
  • Bridesmaids dresses in shades of blue
  • Garter made with a pretty blue lace

This tiny coin in the bride’s left shoe is believed to represent prosperity and financial security. This may have been borrowed from the Scottish custom of grooms placing a silver coin under his foot for good fortune. We may not have pennies or dimes but we sure can substitute it with a simple silver 10cent coin!

Don’t stop incorporating quirky values which you find interesting just because they don’t suit your culture or tradition. You always can mix things up creatively and come up with a very interesting idea unique to your own wedding! 

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