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Sending Your Wedding Thank You Cards


You have thanked your guests personally at the wedding and shown gratitude to all who helped you on the big day. Nothing is more sincere than a handwritten note from the heart.

Photo by Bespoke Brides. Wedding Stationery by Paper Tiger Press. For Celebrate “The Mint It” issue.

It is good practice to prepare your guest list ahead of time and note all names and addresses so that they are ready when you need to send your thank you notes.

In working out the number of cards you need, remember there is no need to send a thank you card to every single person – generally one card is allocated for a couple and one card per vendors who help make your wedding dream come true. Don’t forget your officiant!

Decide in advance if you want a thank you card design that matches the rest of your wedding stationary so that they can be printed together. Create a thank-you-card work station where you have the guest list, cards ready for use, a few pens, envelopes and stamps. This way, you have everything ready and writing those cards should be a breeze!

It is best to write thank you cards as soon as possible as the feelings of happiness and gratitude are fresh. Etiquette wise, anything within two weeks is perfectly fine. If you do fall behind time, keep it within two months after the wedding. For gifts that arrive before the wedding, send your thank you note immediately. If you leave it till later, you may well end up forgetting!

Writing all your cards in one evening can be daunting. You won’t want to end up scribbling something quick in each card and sound insincere or repetitive. Work out the total number of cards needed, split it over a week so as to retain focus on a few a day. Feel free to add meaningful quotes, fun memories of the evenings or pictures with the card. This is a task to be completed as a couple.

Always handwrite your message personally. Sending a pre-printed card that says ‘Thank you for your gift’ can possibly make your guest will feel they didn’t mean enough for you to take that extra effort to write something personal.

Select cards that match your wedding theme otherwise use standard traditional white or ecru cards. You can add a monogram or emboss a motif to make it special. With a monogram, using initials of first names is a safe choice as brides are not meant to adopt their partners’ names until after the ceremony.

If you did not order matching thank you cards, don’t fret. There are plenty of lovely ideas how to personalize and spruce up your card with letterpress designs and embellishments available at scrap booking or exclusive stationary shops.

A thank you card is about expressing your appreciation, there is no driving need to be creative. If you try to be original in writing every single card, you will end up exhausted. Pen down the words that come to your mind naturally when writing each card.

In general, mention the gift and be specific. For guests who have given cash in the form of ‘red packets’, mention how you intend to use the cash, perhaps towards a piece of furniture or for a future holiday. Those who were not able to make it to the wedding but have sent a gift, consider adding a line to let them know how sorry you were that they were not able to be there.

As much as you really want to say it, never tell anyone ‘Thank you for the gift but I’m going return it because I already have the same’. There is also no need to mention if you have received the same gift from someone else! Even if you didn’t particularly like the person who gave you the gift, or the gift itself, they still deserve a sincere thank you.

Always prepare a buffer of extra cards as you may receive more gifts than you expect.

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