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Rehearsal Dinner Plans


A rehearsal dinner is typically held within the week of the wedding. It is a time when your close family and bridal party come together to rehearse the program for the wedding day as well as to get to know each other better. It is also a time where you share your appreciation for their love, time and help during the wedding planning process. Planning a rehearsal dinner is just like planning a dinner party, you will need to spend some time to plan and organize it.

Wedding of Carmen and AdrianPhotographed by Plush Photography. Wedding of Carmen and Adrian.

Once you have set the location and the theme of your wedding, you can start planning for your rehearsal dinner. It would be great if you can find a location that will complement your actual wedding look and feel.

Nowadays, it is usually the couple who host the rehearsal dinner as they plan and pay for most part of the wedding. Traditionally, it was the groom’s parents who would host this dinner.

This depends on who is hosting the dinner. If one-side of the parents is hosting the dinner, you should respect their decisions on location, budget and ideas on décor and program for the dinner. Do ask if they need any form of help from you.

You can decide if you plan to invite everyone or just the immediate family and your bridal party (bridesmaid and groomsmen). If you have out of town guest arriving during the rehearsal time, it would be courteous to invite them too. It is also a nice gesture to invite your pastor or solemniser as well.
*Immediate family means your grandparents, parents, and siblings.

Rehearsal dinner usually ends by 11pm. If it is held a day before your wedding, it should end by 10.30pm so that you can be sure to get some beauty sleep. Try to get your guest to arrive at 5pm with the rehearsal starting before the dinner and allowing 30mins for late arrivals. Do inform all guests a month before the rehearsal date to ensure that they keep the time available for you.

Serve some canapés, soft drinks, beer, wine, or champagne when the guests start to arrive. This can last about 30mins to more than an hour.

Play songs to match the ambience and venue you have selected from a CD or your iPod to the audio system.

It is a good practice to assign specific seats to your guest. Mix your guest to encourage conversations and for them to get to know each other better. You could also place some ‘conversation starter cards’ on the table, these card should have simple questions about you.

The host should start the party with a welcome toast before the first course is served. If possible, do plan in advance the time and person giving the toast and leave all other impromptu toast to after dessert.

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