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To Hold and Behold


Bridal bouquets are traditionally used to ward off evil spirits, made of dill to promote desire and a sign of fertility and symbol of new life. Today, the traditional meaning of flowers is hidden deep in bridal bouquets. The bouquet is a creative expression of a bride’s personality. These accompanying good omens now make your wedding flowers even more significant. Here are some bouquet styles to guide your floral decisions. Consider pointers like length, shape and availability as you pick a style that suits you the best!

Flowers by Poppy Inc. Wedding of Angela & Jeremy.

This is a classic; round design created with tightly packed flowers of a round/soft head or shape, and firmly held together by their stems. The flowers chosen for a round bouquet can influence the bouquet's formality. For example, an all roses or parrot tulips clustered posy projects a more formal look; as compared to one with a variety of flowers and a mix of greenery between the blooms.

Photo by Plush Photography. Wedding of Fiona & Alistair.

Flowers are often loosely arranged, secured with lace and the stems are exposed. By blending blooms of different sizes, it creates a striking but natural appearance with textured foliage. A combination of calla lilies with roses, cape greens and eucalyptus works best for a Strauss.

Like it’s name suggests, its flowers are arranged to “stream” downwards, and its length adjustable according to preference. This romantic composition of sophistication and length is layered as the flowing foliage accentuates a bride’s curve.  The cascade bouquet can be woven with roses or Phalaenopsis mixed with white orchids for an amorous charm.

Arranged to resemble the shape of its namesake, the teardrop bouquet is suitable for both bridesmaids and brides. This design allows feature flowers and miniature flowers to meet and end in a single trail. A sister to the cascade bouquet, the teardrop’s length can also be altered to suit the bride’s height perfectly.

Adding to the bride’s feminine charm is a bouquet of long stemmed blooms, loosely arranged and delicately tied together as it sits nestled in the crook of the her arm. Long-stemmed flowers like orchids, calla lilies, tulips, magnolias and lotus pods are ideal for this design.

Imagine a trailing bouquet of blooms with the presence of a single ‘tail’ that falls elegantly down the length of the bride’s gown. Held with both hands and carried against the hips, it sways gently as the bride makes her way gracefully to the alter.

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