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Questions for your Wedding Florist


When hiring a florist, here are some questions you may want to ask those you've shortlisted. It's always good to find out how each florist works. You'll discover their unique styles and know if he/she's the right one for you!

Beauty in bloom. Photo by Studio Impressions. Wedding of Shin and Allen.

  • Do they have photographs and testimonials from previous weddings that he or she has worked on? If so, ask to view them.
  • Do they have other events – be it a wedding or other function – to attend on your wedding day?
  • Do they understand the theme of your wedding?
  • What are the flowers in season that are suitable for the theme of your wedding?
  • Are they familiar with the location of the wedding?
    If not, they may want to make a site visit before working on a proposal.
  • Will they handle all the arrangements and check that everything is as it should be before the event?
  • How large is their team for the actual day set-up?
  • Can the bridal flowers be delivered to your home or do you have to make your own arrangements to collect them?
  • Are they able to preserve your bouquet after the wedding?
  • Will the florist provide any other decorative pieces or services?
  • Does the florist provide post-event services such as removal and disposal of decorations?
    If not, someone else will have to be appointed to take care of this, unless the venue has an in-house cleaner.
  • Do they have a contingency plan?
  • What are their payment terms and policy?

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