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Contract With the Florist - What to Include


To ensure there is no miscommunication between you and your florist, and that you receive what has been so painstakingly decided upon, do make sure details of your requirements and choices are clearly listed out in your contract with your chosen florist.

Adorning the way. Photo by Plush Photography. Wedding of Sharon and Jesse.

Confirm the date, time and place of delivery, and if any set-up help is provided. In addition to this, remember to state the name, address, contact person and contact number of the venue or venues where decorations should be delivered to and set-up at.

Ensure that all orders made are clearly stated on the order form. This includes detailed product descriptions like the kind of flowers to be used, quantity, cost, and service provided.

As the type of adornment for each person in the ceremony varies according to gender and position, indicate clearly in the contract the quantity and type of floral arrangements required by the bridal party.

Make sure cost and deposit amounts are clearly stated, as well as payment schemes, clauses, and cancellation policies.

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