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Choosing the Perfect Bloom


A wondrous element of weddings is the colour, softness and scent of flowers. Whether you are romantic or a realist, having the right flowers lends beauty and character to your big occasion. Here’s a quick glance at some flower attributes to help you pick the right bloom.

Wedding of Grace and Nigel
Photography by Bespoke Brides. Wedding of Grace and Nigel.

The colour or colours you choose should complement or blend well with the overall theme of your wedding in order to create the mood and ambience you are aiming for. A variety of blooms in pink shades make for an ultra romantic feel, while a mixture of whites and blues adds a touch of freshness.

When choosing flowers for your reception, take inspiration from the very flowers that feature significantly throughout your courtship. From your first-date stem, to a vase full of “I’m sorry”, to the latest “marry me” bouquet, there is sure to be a special flower that is a signature of your relationship, that you would like to share with your guests.

Consider incorporating flowers such as freesia, peonies, lilies or jasmines into your floral decorations to add a subtle scent to your wedding. For an indoor celebration or addition to your hand-held bouquet, you just need a little to go a long way.

The location of your wedding is one of the key factors to consider as it determines the type of flowers you can use so they continue looking pretty throughout your wedding. Some flowers can stay fresh for a longer period, even in the heat of Singapore’s climate.

Hardier varieties - Anthuriums, Banksias, Calla lilies, Carnations, Gerberas, Heliconias, Lilies, Orchids, Pin cushions, Roses and Sunflowers

Cool temperature preferred - Campanulas, Eustomas, Gladiolus, Hyacinthus, Hydrangeas and Tulips

With developments in technology and the fact that nearly all flowers in Singapore are imported, there is a high probability of getting the flowers you desire if it is in season. Flowers that are available all year round tends to cost less. Check with your florist for choices and suggestions.

Available all year round - Gerberas, Orchids, Roses, Sunflowers and Tulips

Seasonal - Dahlias, Peonies and Ranunculus

ExtraOrdinary Weddings Tip
Consult at least three florists to discuss which flowers will best suit your wedding colour, style and budget.

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