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Picking your Wedding Consultant


Photo by d’ZIGN for you. Wedding of Jocelyn and Johnny.

In "The Wedding Planner", J-Lo plays an ambitious, hardworking meticulous wedding planner who knows exactly what to do and say to make any wedding a spectacular event. She is every bride's dream come true, of course with the exception of stealing the groom!

Hollywood moments aside! Due to busy lifestyles and hectic schedules, many brides may find that they have neither the time nor energy to cope with logistics associated to planning the dream wedding. But fret not! There is a whole bunch of talented professionals that have saved many a harried bride from elopement!

Wedding consultants (a.k.a wedding planners) can be categorized in the following three categories:

These consultants plan weddings for a living! They dedicate their entire time and effort on your special day and typically have lots of experience and are comfortable with a variety of wedding styles. They can help you right from the planning stage - from budgeting, conceptualizing, searching for vendors, coordinating your entire event to managing the details like wedding invites, favours to the floral choices, rehearsal schedules and wedding music!. Their portfolio of past weddings would give you an idea of their style and scale of events they are proficient in.

This would be the person you meet at your chosen venue. Very often, they will help you in all aspects, pertaining to the logistics of site that they are associated with, but not to the extent of coordinating your wedding attire, design and coordinate for production of your wedding invites and favours, or conceptualize the entire wedding theme.

This person can be your maid-of-honor, your friend or Grand Aunt Polly who has coordinated weddings for other couples. While this is not their main profession, they may have heaps of experience, enthusiasm and the additional edge would be their personal connection with you! However, prior to engaging their help, match up the expectations to establish the amount of time and extend of help they will be offering! Remember to include them in your thank you list and plan to give them a token of your appreciation after the wedding (ang-pows or presents!)

When picking a wedding planner, consider someone that you are totally comfortable to be honest with. At the end of the day, you need to have faith in the planner you hire and in turn, they should give you a peace of mind on your wedding day. Here are some of the things a wedding planner can help you with:

  • Advise, inform and inspire you
  • Wedding consultation
  • Actual Day Coordination
  • Managing your guest lists & RSVPs
  • Work out your budget
  • Research, present you with options and give advice in the process of picking your photographer, venues, caterers, etc.
  • Recommend and share strengths, weaknesses and fees of vendors
  • Shopping companion and advisor when trying on dresses, picking accessories and wedding favours
  • Your counsellor, a shoulder to cry on and even a buffer between you and your fiancé or family when conflicting opinions arise

Once you have hired a wedding planner, all you need to do it kick back, latte in hand and relax! Most importantly, you know that you have someone that is watching your back ensuring that things go as desired. Of course there are will be little hiccups along the way but relax and let your planner do the damage control, chances are your guests would not notice at all!

And remember! Even though Cinderella lost an entire glass slipper, she still managed to have the ball of at time, score a dashing Prince Charming and a happily ever after!

When interviewing potential planners, ask to see their portfolio of weddings they have coordinated. Keep in mind that looking at their portfolio may not always be the best judge of ability or taste as the choices made may actually reflect specific requests of bride and groom. A good planner should have a keen eye for detail and consistency of her vision! Did everything appear meticulous and smooth; did it work to add “oomph” and style to the theme?

While many people consider the charges for a wedding planner an additional expense, they eventually find that the perks that it brings DO actually save them a lot (sometimes not exclusively in reference to monetary terms.). Their advice will assist you in making informed and practical decisions in various stages of your planning. However if you feel that your budget does not allow for a "full service" planner, you may want to cut costs by hiring a planner to help only during the last few weeks leading to the wedding or during the wedding day itself.

The cost of wedding consultancy depends largely on the extent of services that you'd like. Before hiring the planner, ask not only how much she charges but also what it entails! Some charge a flat rate; others go by the hour! Most of them will create a proposal for you detailing the charges for your approval before drawing up a contract.

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