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Colour Me Right


Colours exude their own character and have the power to create the right ambience and arouse different emotions. Choose them well and they will set the mood for the day. We help you understand the significance behind each shade as you choose one that’s perfect for you.

This romantic hue is universally heralded for its ability to arouse intense passion and ardour. Studies have shown that the mere sight of this rich colour can cause your pulse to quicken, making this rich shade perfect for adding a touch of drama to any setting. In Chinese culture, red symbolises good fortune.

Marry siren red with black and cream for dramatic contrast for any formal occasion. You may set the colour red with purple, gold, or silver to create an aura of royalty.

Photo by Plush Photography. Wedding of Melissa & James.

The almost-fiery glow of this rich earthy hue can convey emotions that range from intense vibrancy to a more subdued earthiness. A captivatingly blazing shade, this colour can brighten up your wedding and add a sense of warmth to the décor.

This brilliant hue goes well with pristine white and soft buttery yellow. Consider combining these shades together to create a medley of colours that symbolise summer and warmth.

(Left) Orange tulips. Photo from Pinterest.

(Right) Orange flower centerpieces. Photo from Pinterest.

This sun-drenched shade brings to mind buttercups and summer. Cheery, romantic, and inspiring, this hue is also symbolic of fidelity and hope. The boldness of this shade makes it one to be used if you wish to stand out on your wedding day.

Combine this cheerful summery shade with greens, browns, and white to create a lovely natural palette.

(Left) Lemon yellow flower centerpiece from Elizabeth Anne Designs.

(Right) Yellow flower centerpieces and runner from Wedd Book.

Nothing is more overtly feminine than this delicate colour. Soft, beguiling, and flirtatious, this shade brings to mind the colour of a woman’s flushed cheeks. Because of its link to all things romantic, this hue is a favourite choice amongst brides, and is therefore more frequently used than any other colour.

This shade goes best with white, blue, pale green, pale yellow or simply a mixture of varying pink shades.

(Left) Photo from Honey Promise Me Forever.

(Right) Pink table overlay. Photo from Wedding Chicks.

Queen Victoria’s snowy satin gown at her marriage to Prince Albert in 1840 sparked a whole new trend that has become a mainstay in bridal fashion. The colour white, in that era, stood for purity; but now, this classic shade is associated with promise and optimism.

Combine this pristine shade with pale yellow, fresh greens and almost any other colour that takes your fancy because white is one shade that is so versatile that it goes with literally anything!

(Left) A row of pure bliss. Image from Karen Tran Blog. Wedding of Shawn & Zack.
(Right) White tent and centrepieces. Image from Sacks Productions.


This is a shade that signifies new life and new beginnings. This fresh and chic shade is not commonly used as a main colour at weddings, but as a compliment to gives a fresh appeal.

Pairing green with yellow creates a fresh and fruity palette. The widely popular mix of green and brown colours is the mainstay of environmentalists. This versatile earthy tone blends well with white and gold as well.

Green Deco. Butterfly Reveries by ExtraOrdinary Weddings. Photos by Avenue 8.

This cool shade has a long biblical history as a colour that symbolises loyalty and spiritual constancy. A deep royal blue or azure conveys richness and a touch of superiority. Blue is a year-round color, pastel blues, especially along with pinks and pale yellows suggest springtime. Create a conservative but sophisticated look with subtle contrast by combining light and dark shades of blue.

Blue goes well with most colours – white, brown, and pale yellow.

(Left) Colour Me Blue. Photo from Pinterest.
(Right) Pastel Blues from Georgica Pond.

This classic favourite was, during the reign of Emperor Aurelia, literally worth its weight in gold, due to its sheer rareness. Today, this shade is accessible to anyone who is enchanted by its delicate and soothing tone. Use this shade freely on your big day to add a sense of tranquil glamour to your setting.

This versatile colour matches perfectly with a number shades, from pale greens, to whites, to oranges, to pinks. So, have fun with this dynamic shade.

(Left) Lavender table setting. Photo from Honey Promise Me Forever
(Right) Lavender table number. Photo from Honey Promise Me Forever

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