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Bride of Emerald City


Brides who wear green are implied to be down to earth and blessed with a naturing and loving heart. On the other hand, darker green is commonly perceived as conservative, masculine and implies wealth, a style choice popular with older brides. But being the colour of 2013, emerald is all of that, exuding elegance lush and brilliance is it gives weddings a refreshing tone of plush!

Bride of Emerald City

Emerald symbolizes fertility, new beginnings and refreshment and where else best to express this significance than at a wedding! Themes can be lavished in emerald and for the alternative ones, mint does a great job too. Emerald can be weaved intricately and unostentatiously into your theme as a complementing colour, cleverly introducing it throughout with some decoration ideas:

  • Stationery - invitation envelopes of jolly green, placecards of captivating jade
  • Beverages  - a refreshing spot of lime coloured cocktail
  • Dessert table - cupcakes, macarons and other minty, sugary treats
  • Details - napkins, cake stands and perhaps flags too
  • Chairs and tables - stunning olive chair drapes or table runners in a variation of green
  • Accessories - St. Patrick’s inspired cufflinks and earrings
  • Make up - mix it up with light eye highlights or a quirky manicure
  • Bridesmaids dresses - great place to start creating a wonderful palette of emerald variations
  • The wedding gown - for an imaginative touch of mint

The best part is, green doesn’t have to run the show alone; allow other colours to come on board and create a complementing palette!  Mood boards are created with many intentions - some represent a significant meaning while others just illustrate the harmony of colours. Check out our mood boards for ideas!



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