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10 Tips to Colour it Your Way


Get set to take on one of the most essential aspects of any wedding preparations - choosing the right colours! It’s a special feeling to be able to craft a wedding scene, filled with luscious colours that blend together so perfectly to reflect a couple’s personality. Here, we help you decipher the curious code of colours with tips on how to fashion the perfect palette on your wedding day.

A summer palette! Photo by Studio Impressions. Wedding of Charisse and Aldo.

Look around you for inspiring colour combinations. Take a walk through nature, or flip through art and home magazines - explore trends and seasonal colours. Add a dash of personal touch by altering the colour combinations with your favourite shade/s.

Be it the music you listen to or the things you wear, these can influence the colours you chose. It’s easier to pick combinations when you base your decisions on your personality and lifestyle. Once you’re happy with the colours, fitting together the rest of your wedding decor to match the colour scheme will come naturally.

Choosing a main colour makes it easier to find related tones of the same colour and complementary tones of another. This colour also helps you to stick to associated colours and not go overboard as you try setting the atmosphere for your wedding.

Ideally, a maximum of 3 colours in a couple of shades will do fine for any colour scheme. Create a colour theme that fuses perfectly with each other and not overwhelm your decoration.

Remember to pick colours that match your skin tone as well and this is always key when you’re choosing your wedding dress. Keep in mind how lighter colours enhance medium to dark skin tones. For an adventurous spin, match fairer skin tones with loud and flamboyant colours for that contrasting effect.

According to the theme you’ve chosen, match your colours to suit the formality of the occasion. If your wedding’s going to be fun and upbeat, consider picking bright and summery colours, and for a prim and serene setting, pick pastel shades to spread the mood of an idyllic tranquillity.

Coordinate the colours and dress up your wedding location by taking note of the wall colours, furnishing and decor accents, and even the weather. Imagine lusciously coloured sashes swaying in the wind! Mesh a perfect combination by considering the landscape and natural beauty surrounding your location as well.

Avoid making bad decisions and always test a variety of your colours to discover the best combination that appeals to you. Take inspiration from wedding themes in books, magazines, websites, colour wheels, use graphic editing programmes or simply use colour pencils and markers to experiment with shades.

Look at an assortment of flowers to not only find one your favourite one, but also able to match your colour scheme. Flowers are easy tools to add colour to a room effortlessly as they come in many shades, sizes and shapes.

Different colours hold strong significances and its always pleasing to incorporate these ideals into your wedding. Put your heritage on display with meaningful colours that represent your culture and bring people and families together.

For example, green represents wealth, nature and fertility and signifies a new beginning after the wedding. And if you’re planning a wedding overseas, it’s good take note what a colour symbolises in that country to avoid misunderstandings.

We’ve added a few common colours with traditional implications to get you going.

Red & Orange
Red symbolises luck and good fortune for Chinese weddings. These celebrations often are seen with red to emphasise on passion and a strong affection of love. Orange is sometimes also used to radiate energy and balance.

Orange, Yellow & Red
Indian weddings traditionally use these colours as a combination to symbolise happiness, harmony and purity. Yellow is seen as an inauspicious colour in some European cultures.

Green symbolises traditional Islamic values and is used extensively in Malay weddings. It’s also a colour for wealth, sincerity and a new beginning. However in certain European and Chinese cultures, green is and unlucky colour that is associated with ill contempt.

Though purple is a colour of royalty, wealth and is often used in weddings cultures overseas. However, this colour marks mourning in the Thai culture.

The degree of White being used in Asian based cultural weddings when compared to overseas ones are fair less extensive. This is so as some still associate it with death and mourning. However, white is naturally a universal colour for marriages these days as it denotes innocence, purity and hope.

Black is a tricky one because many cultures relate to it negatively and don’t encourage it in wedding ceremonies. But this national colour of New Zealand is fast becoming a modern colour that reflects sophistication and formality.

With these tips in mind, be bold and create your own unique combination of impressive colours that forms a lasting impression. Celebrate your special union and your personalities with an amazing array of shades that will definitely make your wedding a day to remember!

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