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Forget the Dummy Cake


Carrying a lofty tradition behind them, wedding cakes are essentially believed to bring good fortune to the couple. Although most cakes aren’t entirely real these days, their creative and elaborate designs enhance the celebrations as a visual treat! And if you’ve decided to have real wedding cake - Bravo! You’ve got taste and aesthetics; just imagine biting into all those flavours!

(Left) Paper PomPom Cake by Potter + Butler
(Right) Of Peaches and Oranges Banner Cake by Lael Cakes

Here’s a quick start off on what’s next for you:

  • Figure out your budget and try to stick to it.
  • Gather your ideas, recommendations, magazines clippings and website inspiration.
  • Decide which designs make the final cut!

The fun part is sampling the cakes from the bakeries, confectionaries or hotels you’ve short-listed! But first, let’s run you through the various types of bakeries and the questions you should consider before selecting a cake.

COMMERCIAL BAKERIES - These typically offer large quantity of cakes and have a few standard designs to choose from.

SPECIALISED PÂTISSERIE - These specialise in customising cakes in their signature styles. Creations can be simple or intrigue depending on your preference.

SEMI-PROFESSIONAL - They are the same as a Specialised Pâtisserie, except that they usually work from home. Prices may be lower or higher depending on the design.

SIZE - A rough guide on how much to serve is to cater about 60g of cake for each guest. If you wish to have a big cake to cater to the size of the room, but do not wish to serve the cake, you can ask your baker to create foam layers for you.

DESIGN - Discuss your wedding theme with your baker, show him pictures of designs you like, and your baker will be able to match the trimmings and colours of the cake to fit your theme.

BUDGET - The price of a wedding cake depends on its intricacy, size and fillings. Be prepared to spend about $70 to $100 per kg. If you are ordering cupcakes, it will cost between $1.50 to $10 per piece depending on the size, flavour and design. Set aside $50 for delivery and $80 to $300 for rental of cake stands.

DIETARY RESTRICTIONS - If you have guests who are vegetarians, diabetics, or have religious restrictions, remember to mention to your baker. The baker can advise you on the serving portions suitable for diabetics. Gelatin, extracts or liqueurs are not suitable for people with religious dietary restrictions.

DELIVERY - If your cake is not supplied by your hotel or caterer, consider putting both parties in contact. They can then discuss on storage, serving suggestions as well as delivery time.


  • Number of guest you plan to invite
  • Reception menu
  • Names of other desserts that are in the menu
  • Temperature of the venue
  • Storage logistics
  • Contact details of site-coordinator or caterer and florist (if you plan to add flowers to the cake/s)

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