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5 Tips to Stay Organised


Couples have been getting smarter and creative; instead of grudgingly breaking the bank, they’re constantly looking for alternative ways to conjure up a magical wedding, unique to their own personalities and styles. The results are inspirational, meaningful and beautiful weddings the ladies gush over and the men admire!

To make that dream happen, we share with you the 5 secrets of keeping to a wedding budget! If so many couples could do it, so can you.

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Protect your wedding! Getting everything in writing relieves your of unwanted anxiety. It also avoids the grey areas. There’s so much to remember and planning a wedding is an emotional process so naturally, couples tend to overlook this important area when source for vendors and suppliers. The benefits of black and white agreements include:

  • Locking in on agreed prices
  • Clearly indicating your purchases
  • Eliminating any surprise changes to fees or services (especially important when you’re sticking to a budget)

You may wish to confirm all your email correspondences or request for a contract. While it’s essential to have everything in on paper, it’s also important to trust your vendor and treat them like capable individuals. Draw the line well or you’ll be seen as being too pushy! Wedding vendors will go the extra mile for couples who aren’t overbearing and don’t constantly push for complimentary items. Be flexible and understand each other’s limits. Rule of thumb: Be fair. At the end of the day, you’ll be sleeping with a restful mind and a happy heart!

Like any other plans, wedding plans work better when there is organised filling. Best of all, there are many ways to start organising. You can either develop your own checklists or ‘to do lists’ using software for easy entry or create a hardcopy file to methodically bind your receipts, plans, vendor lists and sketch ideas in place. Organised filling keeps couples on track in prioritizing time and tasks. It also encourages them to calm and practical, giving them the ability to work effectively within their budget!

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TV, magazines, show rooms... - inspiration is everywhere! It’s easy for your heart to flutter from one wedding theme to another, or your eyes to wander from one stationery design to the other.

Key rules:

  • Once you’ve researched and selected your choices, stick to your original ideas.
  • Know what you want.
  • Don’t be tempted to include what you don’t need.

Discipline takes practice; otherwise you’ll end up with unnecessary arrangements and frills that will interrupt your budget, not to mention wasted time and energy!

Having a luxurious wedding is every girl’s dream and the excitement is tremendous! But keep calm and don’t get carried away. Opinions from family and suppliers can pressurise couples to make decisions on the spot but extraordinary couples remember to hold back. They take their time to plan and ask around for tips and ideas. They discuss and make well-informed decisions, especially on a given budget.

Do the math before you sign up for that unbelievable dream package at wedding exhibitions. Sounds like a good deal but be realistic - can that vendor really provide impressive services and products for under market value? If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Always view, request for a portfolio or ask for testimonials when you’re interested in a vendor’s service. A common dissatisfaction among brides-to-be who agree to a package is the underrated quality of their gowns when they finally see and feel the product.

Avoid feeling underwhelmed while planning an occasion that should be spectacular! Especially at wedding exhibitions when the emotional factor is way up, be sure to keep yourself grounded.

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