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20 Ways to Trim Your Wedding Budget


Hooray! We've compiled 20 easy ways to trim your wedding budget!

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  1. Gather a group of good friends to help in wedding preparation. Pick the most organised and resourceful person as your wedding planner.

  2. Prioritize and pick the top two things to splurge on and keep a tight rein on the rest.

  3. Think informal, small and intimate rather than formal and dramatic.

  4. Have your wedding on a weekday. Most if not all places have a lower charge on weekdays.

  5. Instead of having 2 separate ceremonies for ROM & customary, consider combining into a single celebration. Psychologically, guests feel more generous at one go!

  6. Keep your guest count small. This way, you spend less on most things, especially on variable costs.

  7. Having a separate bank account for wedding expenditure helps keep track of what you have spent. Consolidate all spending in one credit card – you can earn mileage and reward points for future use!

  8. Instead of flower centrepieces, sprinkle rose petals on the centre of the table and place a few pretty tea-lights holder and bingo, you got yourself  a romantic ambience.

  9. Stay with what is in season for flowers and use more greens than blooms.

  10. Pick a nice venue with great architecture. There will be a lesser need for huge floral decorations. For church weddings, don’t be obligated to adorn the whole place with fresh blooms. The architecture of churches is usually a beauty to behold.

  11. Use invites provided by your wedding venue. If really don’t like them, choose a simple card without fussy details from a stationery store and add a ribbon or a simple embellishment. You save trees too!

  12. Check out places like Arab Street and People’s Park Complex to get materials for decoration such as ribbons, chiffon and organza. Chat to store helpers for decoration ideas; you will be surprised at their knowledge.

  13. If the theme of your wedding permits, pick a dress from a retail shop instead of a bridal boutique.

  14. The groom can pick a suit which he is able to wear again on different occasions. This way, he gets more wears out of it making it cheaper per wear!

  15. Use your own car as the bridal car. Get a friend who drives safely to be your driver on the wedding day.

  16. If you like natural and candid shots instead of posed pictures, consider skipping the studio photography session that most couples have.

  17. Choose a simple wedding cake. Stick to a classic wedding design and no one will be able to gauge the cost.

  18. A three-piece band easily costs a couple of grand. If you are running a tight budget, get a musically inclined friend to select your wedding music and simply compile in CDs.

  19. Skip wedding favours. If you simply must, make your own. With a personal touch, your guests will appreciate them even better.

  20. Go for your honeymoon during non peak travelling periods such as February to May or August to November.

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