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All About Wedding Videography


Wedding videography has been on the rise in recent years; almost every couple wants it! You can hear the laughter and watch the sweet moments play on! The ability to re-watch your wedding repeatedly, the flexibility to include a soundtrack and versatility of styles is what draws couples in. The creative element in videography is growing far more attractive than those of photography.

Curves. Photo by Plush Photography. Wedding of Monleng and Martin.

But be it films, shows, or weddings even, the role of a videographer is always undermined and understated. People often assume that all videographers just hold cameras, adjust lighting and edit snippets of the final product. “Ah, you don’t need a videographer” others would often remark. But a professional videography company capture your wedding and turn it into a beautiful montage of those sweet unobserved moments, those crazy antics that you’ve missed and those to-die-for expressions that meet and greet all those present at a wedding as illustrious as yours.

Videography entails a larger scope of considerations than photography does. Angling, panning, framing moving objects, clarity of audio recordings, background considerations and there are countless technicalities that have to be set and appropriated by the videographer himself. Like photography, videography styles are largely dependent on the tone and angle that you’ll like to approach for your wedding.

Each videographer has their own unique individualised styles and this comes out most obviously in the final product presented to you. That is to say that the overall feel of each videographer’s video is most important. You have to be sure of what you expect and provide the necessary information, props or scenarios to suit the style you have chosen.

The options below would be presented to you in a comprehensive and pretty packaging according to your whims and fancy! Start rolling the camera and let life happen!

Weddings are such grown-up and solemn affairs. (C’mon! It’s not called solemnization for not reason!)  Right from the exchange of dowries, traditional rituals and ceremonies to the stiffy photo-taking sessions, it’s been altogether way too serious, yes? Let your videographer present to you an animated viewpoint of your wedding! He/she will be ready to catch all the angsty moments, all the heated conversations exchanged, all the rushed moments, the last minute confusions and all the deliberations that take place during the actual day. Chances are that you’ll get to celebrate all those stressful moments with a comedic interpretation of what truly goes behind the scenes of any normal wedding.

This is your wedding in its entirety. Filmed right from the beginning to the very end, you’ll be presented with every nitty-gritty bit of your wedding. No interruptions, no disruptions, just your wedding as it is, uncut and uncensored.

Give yourself a theme and act out your love story of how you and your fiancé met. Present a different angle to what others think they know to be the real story. This could be a lot of fun and you could indulge in play-acting for those few days of filming, re-living your childhood fantasies of being a star. Complete with film titles, credits and dramatic music, you get to sit in the Director’s chair!

You have all the material you need. But you don’t need all that footage. What you’re really looking for is a summed-up showcase of your special day and this probably will be something that you’ll give your guests as a memento. This style caters exactly to that need! Your videographer will pluck out the important moments that define your wedding and put it into a time frame that he deems suitable for all audiences across the board.

This is the perfect combination of both nostalgia and art. Using black-and-white wide-angled shots to capture facial expressions, the absence of dialogue and colour would present a solemn and yet accurate portrayal of how much this simple ceremony means to the both of you. Documenting this with time stamps for each segment of your wedding, you are thus transported back to those joyful moments that you did not have time to embrace.

The focus this time would be on your friends and family. Interviews are conducted, and you can be sure that every witty statement and anecdote will be      captured within the confines of that particular video reel. That’s what makes it special – raw, unedited video footage that speak of what your friends really wish for you – nothing but the best.

ExtraOrdinary Weddings Tip
Make appointments to visit at least 3 videography companies and select one which matches your style most. Good videography companies get booked up to 9 months in advance!

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