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Choose Your Pumpkin Darlin’!


Got your ride? Photo by Acapella Photography. Wedding of Serene and Paul.

Wedding transportation has taken its grandest bow ever, allowing itself entry into the centrepiece of a memorable wedding organized, leaving relatives and guests alike awed with envy!

Here, Extraordinary Weddings gives you the lowdown on the different modes of transport that you can utilize. We’ll help you to narrow down the possibilities according to what suits you best – yes, your personality!  So if you’re a closet daredevil that just can’t settle for the usual wedding car adorned in pink frou-frou ribbons, take a walk down the transportation aisle with us!

Okay let us start of with the crazy but beautiful giggly jean-gang.

You are: A adrenaline junkie.
You have: An eye for rugged designs.
You never: Settle for just ordinary.
Your transportation: Harley, Hummer, Jeep Wrangler
Your mantra: Ride down the aisle in style and wave your hands in the air!

You are: A sweet, cutie pie.
You have: A fancy for all things small and delightfully packaged.
You never: Fail to see joy in simple things.
Your transportation: Open-top Volkswagen Beetle, Mini Cooper, Fiat
Your mantra: Don’t hold back, never lose your childlike enthusiasm and things will come your way.

You are: Stylishly simple.
You have: A need for comfort, space and convenience.  
You never: Put anything before sophistication.  
Your transportation: BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar
Your mantra: All wedding cars attract attention and honey, you deserve it.

You are  : Always the prom queen/king and never the school nerd.
You have: A flair for fashion.
You never: Give frumpy a chance.
Your transporation: Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari
Your mantra: It’s your day so step out in style and in the best looking car in town!

You are  : Kickin’ it old school.
You have: A soft spot for nostalgia.
You never: Deny cars their classic touch.
Your transporation: Vintage Ford, Bentley, Aston Martin
Your mantra: It’s cooler if your car gets more pictures than you do.

You are  : Clearly offbeat.
You have: Unconventional preferences. If you could, you would rent a horse and carriage
You never: Want to be mainstream.
Your transporation: Rickshaws, Vespas, bicycles
Your mantra: If it makes you happy, who cares?

So there you have it, six categories for you to pick and choose. If you’re all for a show-stopping wedding, there’s no reason why you can’t have a scene-stealer of a car!

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