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Wedding Speeches with a Heart


Photo by Plush Photography. Wedding of Fiona & Alistair.

Hearts race when it comes to wedding speeches. But everyone can give a memorable wedding speech without fumbling with their words! Practice plus a healthy dash of creativity will help you out a lot. Besides thanking everyone at your wedding, inspire your wedding speech with interesting details! Here are some examples that you might wish to include in your speech to make it even more special:

It’s a busy night for you and though you can’t be mingling with every guest, you can talk about the wedding as a whole in your speech.

  • Comment on how much the night has exceeded your expectations of a happy celebration.
  • Say a few words about what you’ve observed throughout the night - like how the younger children are having their own fun and how friends and relatives are getting along well with each other.
  • Mention people in your speech.

It’s very important to remember that no one is expecting a professional speech. Everyone is waiting to hear one that is genuine and thoughtful. On that note, we think that scripts are fine, but saying something at the spur of the moment is even better. Following the observations of your wedding celebration, announce how happy you are to see the crowd enjoying themselves. Guests are able to pick up sincere emotions in your voice.

Inspirational sayings are great to get your speech going. Find a quote that touches that you can relate to the most and expand on that. You’ll find yourself sharing stories and experiences in a more relaxed manner because it’s something close to your heart.

This brings you closer to guests. Wedding speeches that begin with “I remember the time when....” are usually attention-grabbing starters. It could be about the time when someone said you couldn’t do achieve something and proved them wrong. Or perhaps the heartwarming nights when you couldn’t stop talking with your partner. Always link the stories back to the wedding. By sharing memories, you involve guests in your life as you speak to them on a more personal level. But choose those memories wisely and leave the embarrassing stories for another time!

Brides generally get less teased when it comes to sharing jokes as part of wedding speeches. Unless the bride can take a punch, it’s usually the grooms who take the punches like a man. Be witty if you can but if you think you’re not much of a comedian, play it straight and keep your speech tactful. Nothing wrong with that too!

Take deep breaths, be confident and smile as you deliver the speech. Speak clearly and catch your guests’ attention, including those further away from the podium. Let your personality and happiness shine as you talk about how love has brought you to where you are on you wedding day!

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