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Be the Best Emcee


Wedding speeches can be tricky, even for the Master of Ceremonies (emcee). You don’t want the host to sound too cliché, yet the old sayings always represents the heart best. So don’t go for “ready made” ones just because they’re convenient. Instead, pick words that reflect the mood and theme of the wedding. With our guide, you’ll find it simple to craft a one of a kind wedding speech that suits your personality and also clearly enunciates the couple’s steadfast love.

There are a lot of aspects to take note of when preparing for a speech but take things one at a time. Here are some easy tips and samples to help the emcee find the right words to say.

Photo by Avenue 8. Wedding of Sisi and Ken.

The emcee is duly important. This individual’s role is to ensure that the wedding program goes on smoothly with equal doses of wit and entertainment. The emcee needs to be fluent, fun and understand how to gather guests’ attention as he acquaints them with the day’s agenda.

Basic to-dos:

  • Get a copy of the program schedule from the couple.
  • Spend some time going thru the details with them.
  • Get the names of the important people who are part of the program.

Open the party and welcome the guests. While introducing the couple and their families, get the crowd comfortable too by staying calm yourself. This way, you’ll be more inclined to deliver a cool speech without stammering or appearing anxious. It’ll also be easier for you to speak at respective periods for the toasts, the couple’s wedding speeches and close the closing remarks at the end of the lunch/dinner! The emcee must also be aware if party has any extra segments such as garter tosses, bouquet throws, dances or performances. Sounds like a mouthful but a good emcee embraces these with much flair!

Everybody’s getting ready for a big bang so this is the chance to set the mood and get the crowd going!

Here’s how:
“We welcome all guests present today, who’ve travelled near and far to celebrating the marriage of A.B and C.D. Marriage is essentially about two in love and it grows with each passing day but the added support from friends and family help it blossom even more. No matter how long you’ve known A.B and C.D, all of you mean something special to them and that’s why you were asked to witness this truly significant time in their lives.”

Respect and filial piety is important in the oriental culture so mention the parents of the wedding couple and pronounce the names accurately.

Grand entrances and lovely music fills the room - here come the ever-anticipated march-ins! Be sure to bring guests’ attention towards the main door and prepare them for a lovely sight!

Here’s how:
“We’re all here to partake in this delightful wedding so please rise and welcome A.B and C.D as they make their entrance!”

You don’t have to be a true comedian to stir up laughter but it will be beneficial if you’ve got some clean and tasteful tricks up your sleeves! It’s a bonus when you’ve got achieved a satisfied feeling inside knowing that you’ve made the crowd happy. Here are 3 to help you get your joker face on:

“When a man opens the door of his car for his wife, you can be sure of one thing: either the car is new or the wife.”

“The most effective way to remember your wife's birthday is to forget it once.”

“Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener.”

This is optional but if you wish, you can end the jokes with a gentle ‘disclaimer’ mentioning that it’s all in fun if you’re concerned that some guests might be offended.

Jokes courtesy of http://www.squidoo.com/weddingjokes

Everyone knows when to eat but its emcee’s job to properly introduce the moment when food arrives. This is where you’ll want to keep it short and sweet or share humourous one-liners because after all, it’s time to feast!

Here’s how:
“Thank you gracing this wedding and being a part of this couple’s...wait, is that soft stomach growls we hear? Alright, we won’t keep you waiting much longer as lunch/dinner will be served shortly.”

Like every conventional wedding dinner, toasts are the main highlight. This is the time when everyone raises their drinks and voices to the air, celebrating a new union! Enthusiastically invite the families, “brothers” and “sisters” onto the stage and everyone else to stand on their feet.

Here’s how:
“At this point, we’d like the families who’ve seen this couple through their childhood til this very day, including their band of brothers and sisters, onto the main stage for the grand toast. May the rest of guests please rise to your feet and join in the moment of cheers!”

While everyone’s busy eating and mingling at the lunch/dinner, you have to gently gather the attention of everyone in the room to prepare them for the newly wed couple’s respective speeches.

Here’s how:
“As you enjoy the palatable food being served, please turn your attention to the stage. It’s wonderful to have everyone here in this joyous occasion and being the blessed pair that they are, our lovely couple wants to share their hearts and thoughts with you too. So Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand by for the heartfelt words of Mr and Mrs B.”

Whenever possible or if the couple gets teary as they share their speeches, prompt the crowd to applause for encouragement.

Don’t just say thank you and goodbye. Inject more sincerity and don’t rush through this portion or else it’ll seem like even you, the emcee, can’t wait to go home. Put in the effort and think through the day’s happenings and summarise them into a short speech before you’re on the stage. Be thoughtful and alert to the atmosphere in the room to properly deliver your closing remarks.

Here’s how:
“Though the day’s/night’s programme ends here, the celebrations don’t because the couple’s journey continues on. A sincere thanks goes out to everyone for being here today and it’s been great time of love and inspiration! God bless, be safe and good bye everyone.”

The emcee should prepare well and have a good rest before the big day. After all, hosting can be quite a feat but the fact that a couple has asked you to help out, it shows how capable you already are in their eyes. To further improve your stage presence, look out for more upcoming articles on how to perfect the emcee’s speech!

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