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Basic Photography Styles


If there is an observable trait that marks individuals as the finest photographers, it would be his passion for people. And no, we’re not talking about inebriated passion that seems almost overwhelming and suffocating. It’s his ability to love those he meet, and for them to love him too in a matter of minutes. That should be definitive of the rapport you must have with your wedding photographer.

Photo by Plush Photography. Wedding of Carmen and Adrian.

Here’s a summary of basic photography styles.
The fine difference between classic portraits and alternative styles lie in the intimacy that is shared between the couple. Couples have to be at their most comfortable in order to take extraordinary portrait shots. This can be done in a studio or at special locations which you and your partner share good memories.

These shots are commonly chosen amongst a range of different styles. With the soft accompaniment of intricate lighting and the photographer’s use of a soft-focus lens, these shots would definitely be complementary to all other styles.

You should not be aware of the photographer – at all. He sneaks up on you, captures your candid moments, snaps your expressions, moods and demeanor, completely unplanned and un-posed! The initial nervousness, the overwhelming state of joy, the quiet moments shared between the both of you – these shots tell a beautiful story and in applying this journalistic style, you can be assured that you will only get the most natural shots ever!

So you’re feeling rather quaint today, aren’t you? You want to thumb through your photos, basking in the nostalgia of your memories captured on black and white film. There is a certain rawness that comes with it, but this is quintessential in capturing what many would call the golden moments in life. To play it safe, ask your photographer to take full colour shots and do a conversion after the photo shoot!

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