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Wedding Without Walls


Big night out! Photo by Studio Impressions. Wedding of Charisse and Aldo.

Taking your wedding outdoors to the beach, the park or just under a starry night, is a trend that continues unabated today. The attraction is in the unconventional, the unforgettable exchange of vows in the midst of beauty in a simple, natural setting, is too picturesque to miss out on.

Outdoor weddings are great avenues for creative expression and spontaneity. Below are a few areas to consider before making your decision.

Singapore, being a garden city in the tropics, offers wonderful choice venues for the cosmopolitan couple. There are about 40 National Parks, more than 20 country clubs, national and arts museums, international hotels and country clubs. Pick a location that fits your wedding needs, theme, and personality.

Outdoor weddings tend to be more costly due to additional logistical arrangements such as marquee, fans, generators, tables, and chairs.

Are you comfortable with being the centre of attraction in a public location? Would the volume of curious onlookers be disconcerting? Are there potential disturbances in the area e.g. noisy aeroplanes overhead if you are near the airport or military base? Check if your wedding coincides with other events on the same day.

Ask the venue, tent or music provider if they are able to also provide a good sound system. For convenience, request for clip-on microphones as well.

Assess the logistics challenges of the venue with the site-coordinator:

  • How long in advance do you need to book the space?
  • What equipment do you need to rent – generators, tables and chairs, portable toilets, dinnerware, tents, etc.?
  • List of nearby amenities – washrooms, parking areas, water and electricity supply and so on.
  • How long can you use the space?
  • Is lighting an issue?
  • Policy on trash removal, fire (candle or torch lighting), and photography.
  • Limitation on noise level?

The site co-coordinator should be able to advise if you need to contact other relevant authorities like the Urban Redevelopment Authority, Land Transport Authority or National Parks Board to get a permit.

Consider the weather around the date of your wedding. For sunny weather, think fans, air-conditioning, ice cold beer and lemonade. For the rainy seasons - consider installing enclosed sturdy tents or tents with side shades to weather potential rain and wind. Enclosed tents should be ventilated by fans or air-conditioners.

Is your caterer experienced with outdoor weddings? Select a menu that keeps well, especially if the location is warm.

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