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Wedding Playlists – It’s Your Party


Most of the wedding plans have been settled but there’s one thing you might not given a lot of thought to – your wedding playlist! It’s your choice whether to play your favourite songs during your celebration, or compile them into a CD to give as a wedding favour. Think about it as this can set the mood and the atmosphere interestingly.

If brilliant music leaves you in a cheerful mood, why not share them with everyone instead? We recommend 10 songs in 5 different categories that not only reflect the season of love, but are also appropriate for such joyous celebrations too!


Photo by Plush Photography. Wedding of Melissa and James.

“Give me fever - with his kisses, fever when he holds me tight /fever - I'm his Missus, Oh daddy won't you treat him right” ~ Fever, Janet Seidel

Many jazz artists have covered this song in their own unique style. But with cool finger snaps and sensuous bass, Janet Seidel’s lounge influence to this song has listeners slipping into a soft, melodious reverie. As Seidel teasingly sings of the fire between two people in love, let “Fever” create a playful yet relaxing mood to your wedding soundtrack.

“All the days are hurrying by when you’re in love, my how they fly/ blue days, all of them gone/ nothing but blue skies from now on” ~ Blue Skies, Frank Sinatra

Isn’t it grand to experience a brand new stage in your life with your beloved partner? At the wedding, pamper your company with the Frank Sinatra’s smooth crooning as he sings a song that blesses every couple’s approaching future together. Also, this song is a sweet reminder to wedding couples that a rainbow comes after each thunder storm. So why not share this inspiring tune with your guests too?


Photo by Tinydot Photography. Wedding of Sylvia and Jamie.

“You make me breakfast in bed when I'm mixed up in my head/ you wake me with a kiss and I could get used to this” ~ I Could Get Used To This, The Veronicas

Who says you can’t do loud when you’ve got the perfect song to dedicate to your better half? This track sings about a relationship where you’re being loved for who you are, even when you get crazy when angry or extremely emotional when sadness kicks in. People usually stick to safe, harmonious tunes when it comes to weddings. But this song is bold enough to be played at a wedding and lovable enough to be a love song.

“Bouncing round from cloud to cloud I got the feeling like I'm never going to come down/ so I'll say 'why don't you and I get together and take on the world and be together forever’” ~ Why Don’t You and I, Santana featuring Chad Kroeger/Alex Band

Weddings shouldn’t only incorporate serious, emotional love songs; joyous songs filled with rhythmic beats are also great for boosting the mood as well. Everyone needs a fabulous song that maintains a lively wedding celebration and this Santana collaboration works best!

“You're the one who held me up, never let me fall / you're the one who saw me through, through it all / I’m everything I am because you loved me” ~ Because You Loved Me, Celine Dion

This is a love note even on its own. “Because You Loved Me” speaks of appreciation between couples and the faith and trust that fill any relationship with understanding and everlasting love.  Off the soundtrack of the romantic movie “Up Close and Personal”, Dion scored it big with her robust voice, affectionate lyrics and melodious tune.

“Because I see the love light in your eyes and the wonder of it all/ is that you just don’t realise/ how much I love you” ~ Wonderful Tonight, Damaged

Originally by Eric Clapton, this R&B cover enhances the lyrical melodies with soft harmonising, complementing vocals. This sweet melody is highly recommended for weddings as it tells about the wonders of loving a beautiful lady and being loved in return. Wouldn’t you prefer your guests to sway to a smooth tune as they remember the memories of your wedding too?


Photo by Tinydot Photography. Wedding of Sylvia and Jamie.

“Show me what it's like to be the last one standing / and teach me wrong from right and I'll show you what I can be” ~ Savin’ M, Nickelback

“Savin’ Me” by Nickelback is rock song that’s about an individual learning to change and being a better person as the relationship grows. Shake things up at your wedding and fill the room with mellow rock that’s less sappy and more intense.  With the lead vocal’s husky voice and rocking guitars, this song is sure to make your wedding memorable. Get ready because people will want to have this in their music collection.

“And I don't want the world to see me ‘cause I don't think that they'd understand/ when everything's made to be broken I just want you to know who I am” ~ Iris, Goo Goo Dolls

When this song plays, most listeners have an image of two embracing soul mates and no one else is able to break that clairvoyant bond between them. The Goo Goo Dolls have been playing music for years and this is one rock tune that’s meant for two.

“And we can build this dream together/ standing strong forever/ nothing’s gonna stop us now” ~ Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, Starship

The Starship has landed. Taken off the soundtrack of 1980’s movie “The Mannequin”, this love song has been riding on the waves of the nostalgic pop even until today and even catching the attention of audiophiles of the recent generations. This oldie is a winning recipe of affectionate lyrics, a feel good tune and most importantly, it reflects a touching devotion that you can share with your guests.

“Cause you're the best thing that ever happened to me or my world/ you're the best thing that ever happened - so don't go away” ~ You're The Best Thing - The Style Council

Sometimes, it’s hard to words that can express how you feel easily. In the case, you’ll probably like a song that’s simple and straightforward, yet holds a very strong message at the same time.  “You’re The Best Thing” does just that with a very slick delivery of sweet words to let each other know that the both of you make each other smile, and the promise to be there through thick and thin.

A Playlist With Your Thumbprint
Give your wedding audience something different to listen to, but with the same sweet meaningful lyrics that illustrates the fiery passion between couples. The fun part is keeping your wedding playlist distinctive to your personalities and creating a soundtrack that tells people about your relationship! They don’t have to contain deep underlying symbolisms in their lyrics, what it matters is how important they are to you both. Love does things to people, so choose songs that are perfect reflections of those cherished moments.

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