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If Music be the Food of Love, Play On


Get everyone moving! Photo by Studio Impressions. Wedding of Charisse and Aldo.

Have you always pictured yourself walking down the aisle to elegant strings quartet or imagined salsa and merengue dancers firing up a fiesta to kick-start your celebrations? Nothing picks up the mood of the evening and stirs the heart like music does.

Wedding music should kindle feelings of sweet nostalgia, happiness and love in all at the party. The guests should enjoy them as much as you do!


  1. Pick musical styles that reflect your personalities, solidify the theme and inspires your wedding moment.
  2. Create a musical compilation that tells your story.
  3. Keep the mix creative and versatile.
  4. Your guests may come from all walks of life and that gives you the chance to add tunes in different languages.
  5. Classics would definitely bring smiles to the faces of the older generation at your wedding!
  6. Select songs to punctuate important part of the ceremony or evening like the bride’s entrance or the first dance.

ExtraOrdinary Weddings Tip #1
Always have your important songs in separate CDs so as to prevent confusion of music tracks, a common human error from music technicians that have no clue how long you took to pick THE song! The last you want is to march in to "Bye Bye Bye" by N Sync!

If you are strapped for ideas, you can turn to music professionals for advice and ideas. It may be easier to have a band or DJ arrange your choices of music for you. Be sure that you listen to their demo or sound clips prior to engaging their services! Before signing the contract, ask the following questions:

  1. How many hours they will play?
  2. How many and how long will their breaks be?
  3. Will piped in music be played during the breaks?
  4. What will they wear?
  5. Will they also double up as emcee?
  6. Do they need special equipment? Chairs, tables, stage?
  7. Do they require special lighting? If so, does it blend with your overall theme and feel?
  8. What are the required electrical outlets? Is it readily available at reception site?
  9. How early would the band/DJ need access to space for set up and mike test?
  10. Who will assist them in set up?
  11. If they run into overtime, will they continue playing? And how much would it cost?

ExtraOrdinary Weddings Tip #2
To avoid disappointment or technical errors the day of your wedding, bring your CD to the reception venue to test the music at least a week prior to the function. At least there is time for back up plans or to make detect potential music boo-boos.

When the repertoire of music is chosen thoughtfully, it can set the rhythm for the event, enhancing emotions during the ceremony! 

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