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The Little Helpers


Photo by Studio Impressions. Wedding of Karina & Iman.

The sight of children appearing through the door at the beginning of your procession will definitely melt the hearts of your guests! Yes, they effectively pave the way for your own grand entrance. At the same time, kids are spontaneous and can be unpredictable. If you can muster a dash of patience, you will be able to enjoy the delightful benefits of having them be a part of your retinue. Check out the types of little helpers and their respective roles in your wedding.

These are the little hands that carry the ring pillow. Quietly focused on the task of reaching the altar, this little one is unaware of the great significance of the items entrusted him and this adds that sense of sweet anticipation among everyone present. This awesome task is often puts in the hands of a boy between the ages of four and nine.

Photo by Let There Be Light. Wedding of Christine & Blackie.

Without fail, flower girls create a stir of excitement at weddings. Charming little girls, all dressed in fluffy, saccharine-sweet pastel dresses, sprinkling fresh flower petals as they walk (or run!) down the aisle before the bridesmaids and the bride, they are pure visions of little angles who have come to bless the occasion.

This role is given to girls between the ages of four and nine. For younger flower girls, the role can be easier by giving her simply hold a whimsical pomander of flowers by a string of ribbon.

Photo by Studio Impressions. Wedding of Karina & Iman.

Not as common in Singapore, train bearers are a group of two to four young ones who help to carry the train of the bride’s wedding gown.


Discuss with the parents to see if their child is suitable for the role you have in mind. Some children may be shy, and do not like their photos taken.

Girls are typically in princess-like dresses and boys in suits. Ensure that the style of their outfits is comfortable and suitable for the local climate; silk and cotton-based materials are recommended. One really nice gesture is to cover part or the entire cost of the attire.

Prior to the wedding, do visit the child and bring along gifts or games so that everyone can get familair with one other. They also need to be comfortable with the wedding location. Together with their parents, make a trip to the venue and talk them through the process of where you need them to be. You can even use a candy to mark the position they have to end up at.

Prepare little gifts for each child. You can easily develop a photo of each child taken by your professional photographer, put it in a frame, and present it to the child with a personal thank-you note – something for them to remember the day for years to come! Other gift ideas include engraved jewellery and personalised notes and novelties.

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