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There Can Only be One Best Man


Did you know that the Best Man has different responsibilities from the groomsmen? As the best man, you are personal advisor to the groom during the entire wedding (and that includes during the prep!). Besides being a “brother” to the groom on the wedding day, this man also has other specific duties and plays an important part in the wedding celebration.

Groomsman: Photo by Plush Photograhy. Wedding of Fiona & Alistair.

There are many roles you have to take on but don’t worry! Here are 5 types of “to be” to ensure that the entire wedding is going to be as exciting for the groom as it will be for you!

You’ve got to:

With the girls busy preparing for their hen’s night, what are you planning for the groom’s bachelor party? After gathering party ideas from the groom and the other brothers involved, round up the activity that everyone will enjoy and start planning for the party with budget, guest list and party details in mind. Feel free to delegate tasks to the other guys if there’s too much on your plate.

The groom has expressed his dependence on you by putting you in-charge of any matters related to the wedding. In short, you’re the best! Basically, your first priority is to be there for him and help him out whenever you can. Accompany him for fittings (if his bride doesn’t mind), return the suits for him (if they’re rented), attend rehearsals diligently and assist in arranging any required transportation for him.

Like any leader, the Best man is given authority  over the groom’s entourage aka the groomsmen.. You’ll have certain tasks to attend to and that includes making sure that caterers or vendors on your checklist are punctual and all items needed for the wedding are all prepared  You’ve also got to ensure that the rest of the brothers receive their duties accordingly and arrive in their brightest moods to take on the day ahead of them.

Contact numbers and attendance lists - the important details go to you too. So guard them carefully. That goes for the wedding rings too because as the groom’s best man, you’ll be holding onto it until it’s time to be exchanged during the vows.  

You might not be the Emcee for the night but you should definitely be there at the reception area to receive friends and family. You stand beside the other bridesmaids and groomsmen while ensuring that every guest is greeted or attended to when they arrive, have their chance to sign the guestbook and are ushered to their seats!

It is an honour to hold the role of best man because it’s an impressive title that carries with it importance, responsibility, trust and favour. You have the privilege of creating a wonderful wedding experience for bride and groom because you get to help out in so many ways. To put it simply, you’re the best man for this job. So go out there and have some fun!

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