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Ideas and Tips for a Bachelor Party


Ah, the good old stag, otherwise known as the buck’s night. With an abundance of booze, laughter and camaraderie, plus perhaps a striptease or lap dance for the jolly good fellow. GIRLS NOT INVITED! If you’re the groom-to-be, expect a wild and insane night, which most likely be accompanied by a hangover the next day. So here's a friendly word of advice: never hold the party the night before the wedding!

Poised. Photo by Bryan Jean Photography. Wedding of Lynette and Shing Wa.

It’s gonna be a night you’ll never forget and we’re gonna teach you how to do it in style.

  • Get your best man or group of friends to do the organizing and make sure there is a plan!
  • Don’t give last minute’s notice. A 4 to 8 weeks advance notice and 2 weeks before. (Best man’s job!)
  • If you are planning something naughty, check with the groom-to-be if he’s comfortable with it, and make sure the missus doesn’t blow her top if she finds out.
  • If you’ve planned a night of drinks and many drunks, ensure that you’ve assigned a driver who stays away from the booze the whole time OR grab a cab home. Make sure everyone gets home safe. (Best man’s job again!)

Spruce up the stereotype ‘stag night’ and opt for something refreshing and special. Here are some of our suggestions.

For the adrenaline junkie and those alike, round up the boys for a go-kart racing session, sky diving perhaps, deep sea diving maybe or charter a yacht and venture the deep blue, have party on board or just hang with boys and go deep sea fishing. Consider wake boarding, surfing, or hit some high walls at rock climbing. Take it further and hit the Sepang track for some high speed action, or engage in war on the paintball field.

Three things: Ice box, loads of 100plus and friends. Get together for a game of football, cricket, water polo, basketball or golfing session. And if the sun, sea and sand appeal you: beach volleyball, kayaking, dragon boating and miscellaneous sea sports hit the spot. Take the ferry perhaps to neighbouring islands for a tracking or biking day.

Take the party to the roof at the Loof, or book the entire roof top area for a private party at Screening Room. Hire a caterer or get a personal chef to whip up some dishes at someone’s place or book the roof top at Front Row or Scarlet Hotel. Private roof top parties are quite the trend these days. Get a band or a DJ to perform your favourite songs and party the night away.

Pack your bags and go on a backpacking trip with your close friends. Just over the weekend, hit the beaches on Phuket or Bali and enjoy the brotherly bond. Head up Malaysia for a quick road trip, or ferry it to nearby islands like Tioman and Bintan for a spa getaway.

Whatever the activity you boys choose to do, just don’t forget to keep the missus in the loop. Better safe, then sorry!

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