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Band of Brothers


Like the bride, the groom will usually be surrounded by his friends throughout his big day. No, not to ensure that he does not run away, but to help him last the day so that he is in good condition to face the bride at the end of it! These friends, also known as the groomsmen, are more commonly referred to as 'brothers'.

Photo by Bespoke Brides. Wedding of Grace & Nigel.

A key part of the wedding celebration occurs when the groom arrives at the bride's home, to fetch her back to his place. The fun starts at the first ‘pit-stop’ a.k.a the gatecrashing*! This is where his brothers come in, to help complete the games.

*Gatecrashing: This is when the groom is is stopped by the bridesmaids and has to play a series of games with them, in order to get to his bride.

Another fun part happens during the wedding dinner, when the guests toast the groom, usually with the intention of making him too drunk to enjoy his wedding night! In this case, the brothers are expected to offer to drink on the groom's behalf.

Photo by Tinydot Photography. Wedding of Sylvia & Jamie.

In addition to the above important (but really fun) duties, the brothers can also help the wedding planner with various tasks such as ensuring that a list of important items (such as the bridal bouquet and the wedding band!) needed during the day are available when required and helping to usher the guests to their seats at the reception.

The common choices are of course his real brothers, cousins, close friends, or at times close friends of the bride. Like bridesmaids, they should preferably be single though it is also common to have married groomsmen nowadays. It is also a good idea to include someone from the bride's family.

Try to include friends who are sporting and enthusiastic, and who do not mind embarrassing themselves. For the wedding dinner, friends who can hold their liquor will be needed, and they may come in useful during the day as well.

Being included as a brother is a great honour, but also demands a commitment for the full day. Please start making requests as soon as you have a confirmed wedding date. After the wedding, remember to thank each person personally. And do not forget the customary red packet or a personal gift.

ExtraOrdinary Weddings Tip
How about including partners of the bridesmaids, for additional fun during the gatecrashing sessions?

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