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Through His Eyes


At 37, Matt has been through, what some my call, a crusade - planning a wedding! Being happily married for 10 years, he shares with us a male perspective to weddings.

A wedding is a contradiction: you want it to be happy, nice, fun and an event to be remembered for a long time... yet you don't want to blow your life's savings on it. That's where the problem comes from: she wants it dazzling and romantic; everything should be perfect. You’ll hear her say a thousand times “but darling, it’s only once–in-a-lifetime". This sentence justifies all extravagances to come. Well, you will realise that she has a point, would the wedding be grand enough without her insistence. Solution? Reason fairly with her and negotiate till you reach an agreement that satisfies both parties.

Arrive in style. Photo by Acapella Photography. Wedding of Serene and Paul.

One thing that can help you to get it right straight from the beginning is to be clear about each other's expectations. This will allow the wedding preparation to start on healthy basis

  • Define a budget at the beginning and stick to it.
  • Don’t micro-manage. Let her decide where to spend what as long as it is within the agreed budget.

Nowadays, some brides can and are also willing to contribute financially to the wedding. Many girls would readily chip in to get this little bit extra that would change everything. Don't hesitate to discuss it with her; don’t let the stress accumulate till you reach a boiling point. Furthermore, when it's their money, they tend to understand your point of view a bit better.

Beside your suit and tie, you usually don't need anything else. Make sure that you get something nice for yourself. She’ll appreciate that you pay attention to details, if you’ve never worn cuff links before, then it's probably a good time to try. After all, you can never be overdressed on your wedding day.

One thing which she’ll find important and really appreciate is that you get involved in the wedding preparations. She has a lot of fun during this time and will love for you to share these moments with her.

While it may appear boring, make sure to spend quite some time with her when choosing the photographer, venues, photography spots, flowers, theme, invitation cards and etc. Whatever you do, she'll surely tell you that it's not enough, but in her heart, she’ll really appreciate it a lot, and more so in the years to come.

Getting married is a real commitment so take it as such from the very beginning.

Have fun. Don't be shy to play silly games. Go ahead, be merry, and enjoy the moments. You'll treasure the memories all the more.

There will always be things that don’t go according to plan. When you encounter situations like this, take it easy and relax: don't let petty problems spoil the day.

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