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Know Your Suits


Celebrating the start of your future with the love of your life, you’ll want to look picture perfect on your wedding day. Let’s start with the basics on types of suits you can choose from.

Wedding of Cherie and Kelvin
Photo by Brian Ho, thegaleria. Wedding of Cherie and Kelvin.

Traditional but sophisticated, the tuxedo is perfect for a formal evening wedding with a black dinner jacket, matching trousers, winged-collar shirt and a bow tie. A cummerbund is optional.

Not all weddings are tuxedo-clad affairs. A finely-tailored suit, with a four-button jacket and necktie, that has more colour options can be considered for a less formal wedding.

The evergreen summer of Singapore makes an outdoor wedding an alluring idea. Beat the heat and take your pick from an ivory, bone or cream suit. It will accentuate your build.

A vest will help to make your waist seem slimmer. It matches most neckpieces well, especially the cravat; and is a must if you opt for a tailcoat.

The classic pinstripe suit with clean lines and matching necktie creates a leaner figure. Its versatility is suitable for both formal and informal weddings.

For a formal daytime wedding, a cutaway jacket and vest with white necktie or bow tie is the traditional choice. Consider a patterned tie for a more contemporary look.

A mandarin collar slims down the neck and goes very well with a scarf, if one is desired. It can be worn for a semi-formal wedding, and especially if your bride’s gown is a traditional kwa (bridal dress).

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