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A Male Perspective to Weddings: The Leading Man


Someone once said that all a groom had to do for his wedding was to turn up! If only it were that simple! Modern day brides demand more participation than that. As a groom, be prepared to help her through these emotional states leading up to THE Wedding Day:

She’s mine! Photo by Bespoke Brides. Wedding of Grace and Nigel.

This is when both of you want your wedding to be the perfect day that everyone will enjoy, and talk about for years to come. Here’s what you can do to kick-start the planning process.

Step 1: Both of you will each have many interesting (and certainly conflicting…) ideas and various expectations for the wedding, it is best to discuss and agree on which of these should be included.

Step 2: Discuss and agree on the budget. Remember that this is a guideline, things and ideas can change along the way, so be flexible. To make this easier, close one eye on the details, and let her work within the numbers.

Step 3: Come up with a list of all the tasks that need to be done or simply download ExtraOrdinary Weddings To-Do Checklist. Choose tasks that suit each of your strengths.

A good start at this point will definitely help lessen any unnecessary stress as the big day approaches.

Hint: Unless you are an expert at flower arrangement, let her choose the flowers.

After conducting much research, you realize that your wedding will not be as perfect as you wanted it, but you are still determined to make it memorable for everyone. Your job now will be to go through the choices together and confirm your decisions. Discuss and express your concerns openly (this is very important!). Start getting organised and get as many items on your to-do list completed as soon as possible. Come up with some clear criteria for the wedding theme and venue, these will narrow down the choices considerably.

Hint: She will change her mind a few times. Gently remind her that suppliers may not provide the best service if they are given last minute changes.

This will be the most challenging time for both of you. You are convinced that your wedding will be a disaster that people will remember for the wrong reasons. Your to-do list has also grown magically overnight and you are acutely aware that time is running out. This is when she needs you to stay calm and be her pillar of support. Plan a few days when you do nothing else planned so you can focus on clearing items off the list, and rethink deadlines if necessary.

On the morning of the wedding, stop worrying and enjoy the day. It will be a wonderful day that both of you will remember for a long time.

ExtraOrdinary Weddings Tip
Keep her happy when she is stressed out! Surprise her with flowers and/or a romantic dinner.

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