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The Glowing Bride (Part 2)


Now that you’ve a basic yet beneficial beauty regime in place, go ahead and reward yourself with a little indulgence.

Wedding of Rebecca and ShafiqPhotographed by Brian Ho, thegaleria. Wedding of Rebecca and Shafiq.

Manicures and pedicures are big must! But be careful here, don’t go stealing the limelight off your gorgeous wedding ring, opt for more natural colours that give your nails a soft glow. Simple nail art designs are suitable as well for that extra sparkle. It is important to go for manicure and pedicure sessions at least 2 times before the wedding. Just so that your nails are in perfect shape and adds a pink and healthy sheen even if you do not plan to apply any nail colour.

Invest in a good body, leg and foot scrub. Use a body scrub that has finer grains and with a slight moisturizing effect for a gentle scrub and prevention of dryness. Attack areas like your back, elbows and upper arms. For your legs, a courser scrub is best to remove dead skin revealing softer, supple skin. Scrub your feet with a pumice stone for best results once or twice a week depending on how prone you are to hard skin.

For a million dollar smile, visit your dentist for a good cleaning and polishing session. Also, consider a teeth whitening toothpaste to maintain that big bright smile. Get a good mouthwash to prevent plague or cavities and of course, for a sweet kiss anytime. But don’t use it everyday as it can staining your teeth, three times a week should suffice.

Enjoy healthy, shiny hair on the big day. You’d especially like to hit the saloon for a couple more hair spas before the wedding given all the hair spray and all that will be going on. Saloons offer several types of spa treatments which your hair stylist would be able to recommend you. We suggest getting a head start at least 2 months before!

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