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Preserving Memories


In a tropical and humid climate like ours, you must to know how to care for your wedding gown if you like to keep it after the wedding. We researched and put together these valuable tips to help you keep your gown in a good condition before and after your wedding day.

The one. Photo by Bryan Jean Photography. Wedding of Derrick and Tiffany.


  • Find out where and how different styles of gown can be stored after the wedding
  • Discuss about preservation methods with your designer
  • Set aside a budget for cleaning and preservation


  • Learn about the preservation methods available and choose suitable one for your gown
    - An acid free environment is great for long-term storage
    - Unsealed boxes allow easy access, save storage space and protection from insects
    - Choose specialist gown for medium term solution, remember that they have a higher risk of damage from crashing and staining
    - Avoid regular cardboard boxes, window boxes or plastic bags
  • Engage a specialist to properly clean and pack your gown
  • Place your gown where it won’t be crushed. Pad with cotton fabrics or tissue to avoid wrinkles


  • Only when necessary, iron wrinkles with a cool, dry iron, through a piece of white cloth
  • Dress over a clean cotton / silk sheet
  • Have a emergency kit containing fabric swaps, baby powder, and sewing kit
  • To avoid creasing, place the gown to your side when getting seated
  • Relax, be confident and enjoy your dress


  • Make sure the gown is taken to the specialist cleaner within 2 days
  • Show the cleaner of all stains or damages
  • Check again that both the storage box and layering tissue are acid free, otherwise get your own.
  • Store your gown in away from humid and excessive air changing temperature.
  • Do not store anything else with your gown


  • Hang the gown to breathe for a day and allows the folds to relax
  • Put the gown back in place, try to fold along different lines
  • Check layering tissues and replace as required (typically between 1-5 years)

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