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Celebrate with a Feast


Across the globe, people celebrate happy occasions by feasting heartily. Weddings epitomise such occasions and surely you want the best for your guests as they look forward to celebrate your wedding with you.

We have drawn up a basic guide for you to get pro on the type of catering options available in Singapore. Cheers to a simply unforgettable feast!

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The titillating aroma and inspirational setting – it’s a finely-selected spread, a feast for the eyes and the palate. How would you begin to awe your guests? The two most trusted options are catering from the hotel or a caterer. Let’s take a look at what they can offer:

Many hotels provide outdoor catering services now. Apart from providing the basic necessities such as food, beverage and service staff, most hotels are glad to offer assistance with logistics such as the rental of tables, chairs, marquees, invitations, wedding favours, etc.

Although they can be more costly than other caterers, you can expect the hotel to provide premium service and a quality menu. Some are also able to customise the menu to your needs and preferences.

In recent years, more caterers are making a name for themselves as wedding caterers. They’ve spiced up the standard row of chafing dishes with creative and innovative spreads and displays, and offer a full suite of services including rental of tables, chair, props and décor.

(Left) Photo by Plush Photography. Food by The Marmalade Pantry.
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The venue you have chosen and the ambience you want to create pretty much determines the way food is being served during your wedding reception. Here’s a look at the choices:

At a buffet reception, the variety of food is captivating as your guests delight in picking and choosing what looks and smells delicious. It’s popular to have separate food stations for desserts. The atmosphere is casual as your guests can mingle and chat with old friends and make new ones too as they make their way around the buffet spread.

Depending on the food selection and number of guests, the buffet itself is likely to be less costly than a sit-down reception sans any special arrangements for extra food stations, tents or marquees with fans or air-conditioning, etc. You will need a good caterer who can, based on the number of guests invited, estimate the right amount of food to prepare.

Champagne, beer, wine and punch are usually served at cocktail receptions, overseen by a butler. In some cases, there will be an open bar, depending on the budget. To add a touch of substance, bite-sized foods such as canapés may be served to your guests around the reception with the help of the service staff. You will be able to extend your guest list as well as provide more opportunities for everyone to mingle. The challenge may just be getting everyone’s attention to pause their conversations long enough to witness the wedding rituals.

The most classic of wedding receptions is the sit-down wedding lunch or dinner. A full-service crew will bring the dishes to each table and serve each individual portion if you so wish. Usually well-organised, your guests will witness a series of activities incorporating some wedding traditions. The restaurant or hotel will be able to offer menus based on per table cost. A sit-down reception is considered a formal occasion and you can request your guests to come in their finest evening attire.

(Left) Photo by Plush Photography. Food by The Marmalade Pantry.

Food remains the key element of any celebration and at weddings; food is often what the guests look forward to. Think about blending some healthy choices in a wedding menu, considering the need for everyone to lead a healthier lifestyle today. If you have guests with special diets, like vegetarians, gluten-free or allergy to certain food, a variety of choices or special servings can be arranged with the chef. It’s the personal touch that your guests will appreciate.

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