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4 Tips to Negotiating Well with Vendors


We’ve all got different roles to play and in a relationship, it’s not uncommon for one to be better at negotiating than the other. Whether its the bride or groom whose got it, this skill comes in especially handy when working vendors to fashion your big day. Wedding services almost always come in various price packages to cater to different needs and requirements so don’t be afraid to find one that suits your needs.

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Take our 4 easy to remember tips on how to negotiate well and you’ll be met with happy working relationships and a wonderful wedding celebration that’s within your means.

The best negotiator is well informed of his choices and stands a better chance at negotiating a better deal. Find out the market price of the services you wish to take on to give you leverage when speaking to a vendor. When you’ve finally decided to work with a particular vendor and prices are set, the process will be much more enjoyable because through communication, now you know each other’s personality and working styles.

Some vendors may tempt you with a more attractive price if you include additional services. But if you don’t need them, don’t be afraid to say “no”. Some couples find it hard to decline these extra services because they want their wedding to be perfect and these little touches would make it all seem more special and beautiful. You’ll end up expanding your budget to include last minute additions.

Vendors appreciate it when you are tactful and genuine with them. Also, let it be known that that you’re engaging certain vendors for their services because you love their work, not because you’re searching for a good price. Be nice!

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No one expects you to put on a poker face when you’re planning for a wedding but it does help. Your expression, posture and gestures say it all - that’s why negotiation requires some practice. Use statements such as “I have allocated $n amount on this service” to indicate your budget and make them understand that if a common price cannot be set, you can look elsewhere for better services. But do so tactfully as discrediting the vendor of his skills and services unnecessarily will only makes things unpleasant.

Negotiating with vendors take some practice so develop your confidence by practicing at any opportunity by:

  • Leaning to use statements such as “This is too expensive.” instead of questions like “Can you push your price lower?”
  • Being reasonable and respectable towards yourself and your vendors.
  • Doing sufficient research to back you negotiations
  • Knowing what you want and stick to it. You can give yourself some leeway for if you come across an additional service you’d really love to include in your wedding.
  • Using all that you’ve learnt and look at all the possible alternatives with your vendors their combination of prices and services don’t suit your liking.

Remember these tips and you’ll be on your way to smoother and better wedding preparations.

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