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Up The Proposal


No sweat! Here are 5 useful tips to help you prepare THE question of your life!

A growing number of guys are upping the ante on the traditional proposal by doing much more than just getting down on one knee. When it comes to romantic proposal, the sky is the limit (literally for some...) Have a budget, make spontaneous plans, and think of something out of the box yet romantically meaningful. Most women will treasure creativity, sentimentality, and personal thought over financial excess.

But for the more reserved humble groom-to-be, these are the basics in Wedding Proposal 101. With the following guidelines, you are most definitely halfway to your success in asking for her hand!

Eyes only for you. Photo by d’ZIGN for you. Pre-wedding of Jocelyn and Johnny.

The key element to a dream proposal is the surprise factor! Most ladies do not want to be involved in the planning of their own engagement. Even if you are tempted to ask for her guidance, don’t! Keep your plans under wraps. She would appreciate it more if the proposal plans and ideas come from you!! (Especially since she would probably have to take charge during the wedding planning process soon to come!) When strapped for ideas of how to surprise or ambush her, you can enlist the help of her friends, family, or even co-workers! Have fun and be creative with the planning.

The perfect spot you pop the question can make or break the mood. A high percentage of proposals happen in restaurants, served in a dessert, submerged in a champagne flute, etc. Don’t stick to the norm! Think out of the box! You can plan a romantic getaway, at the place you first met or shared a kiss, a significant location, or somewhere breathtakingly beautiful.

Rumour has it that although the surprise factor is huge when it comes to the diamond, the size doesn’t matter. Very few women will prefer a big ring over a more beautiful small perfect one. However, like a dream wedding, many ladies have a certain style, cut, carat, and colour of preference!! So ask for her input in picking the right ring, after all she would have to wear it for the rest of her life. Alternatively, (see point 1!) if you want to not let the cat out of the bag, you can always buy a ring from a jeweller with an exchange policy or borrow a family heirloom to act as a placeholder ring until you can take her ring-shopping together.

An oldie but also a goodie. It may seem old-fashioned to still have to ask for your lady’s hand from her father (or family) but it is a nice gesture that would score points with her parents. It started as a Roman custom which was known as “the joining of hands”. The proposer would give the bride’s father a coin that symbolized the purchase of the bride. The father would then pass on his daughter as a bride into the groom’s hands.

Even if she’s a modern woman that makes her own life decision, the thought of you keeping her family in mind is kind of sweet! You can also consider it an initiation process into the family. It does not have to be formal or nerve-wrecking just be forthcoming and show the love and sincerity you have and the rest would be a piece of cake.

Easy as it may sound, the delivery of the question is absolutely crucial. If you think you’d fumble with the question, get stage fright, or draw a blank when you see her, the key is to practice, practice, and PRACTICE! You can do it in the bathroom, in the mirror to make sure that you won’t be dumbfounded when you face the women of your life! Plan your script, expressed your sincerity, tell her what it means to you if she accepts your hand in marriage.

Go all out and don’t be afraid to be mushy or silly! Doing it on bent knees is a classic and representative of commitment to a relationship, surrendering oneself to being part of a couple. So toss your pride out of the window for one day, it’s after all once in a lifetime! Good luck!

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