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Spreading the Good News


Celebrations! Photo by Tinydot Photography. Wedding of Sylvia and Jamie.

So you’ve taken the leap and decided to tie the knot. You must be thinking of how you can announce the wonderful news to the world! Be it a simple announcement over dinner or an extravagant party on a private yacht - this first tangible step marks the prelude to your actual wedding day.

Depending on your preference, an engagement party can be held practically anywhere.

And here are a few ideas to start the ball rolling.


  • A beach party in the sunny outdoors
  • An afternoon tea in your own garden
  • A museum for those who love the arts
  • That beautiful place where you both locked eyes
  • Cocktail party at you favourite bar


  • It should be at least 6 months before your wedding.
  • You and your partner must attend the party (if it is not hosted by you).
  • Depending on the formality, you can either send an invitation card or simply make a phone call.
  • A toast, usually by the bride’s father or her fiancé, is a great way to break the news to unsuspecting guest.
  • If you have determined your wedding date, this is a good occasion to announce it.
  • Do not expect gifts, but if you are presented with them, open them privately. Remember to send a thank-you note.
  • Also remember to thank your party host with a note and a little gift.

Have fun and enjoy planning your engagement party; this will help kick-start your engine to plan the next bigger one – THE WEDDING! Yippie!

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