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Marrying Away


Singapore, being strategically positioned in the middle of South East Asia is nestled in the midst of some of the best destination wedding venues in Asia. Yes, it’s now possible for you to tie the knot to the crashing waves of clear blue sea, in the flurry of snowflakes or to the romantic backdrop of cascading cherry-blossoms! With the boom in affordable air travel and increasing globalization, destination weddings are slowly gaining popularity steadily!

Although not being physically at the wedding site could mean that more preparation is involved, coupled with a possible language barrier and additional logistics and costs of accommodation for guests to factor in, not to worry! We will give you a couple of tips how to manage and romantic and exotic weekend minus the drama!

Wedding entourage. Photo by Studio Impressions. Wedding of Charisse and Aldo.

It can be a beach wedding in Gold Coast overseeing the Great Barrier Reef or Bolly-wood inspired theme wedding under a tent in India! The options are endless! But the sooner you decide on a location, the better. Typically, destination weddings take 9-months to a year to plan. Also, it’s especially important to inform your family and closes friends so they can take vacation leave and make travel plans.

Check the local holiday calendar before choosing a wedding date. There are certain seasons or holidays that you may want to avoid like the cherry blossoms season in Japan where it’ll be crowded and traveling there would be more costly! And if Thailand strikes your fancy, you won’t want to be there during the Songkran festival (when people hurl water at each other. Getting completely soaked to the bone in your wedding dress is not exactly every bride’s dream. There are also certain seasons prone to monsoon, typhoons and even forest fires. Minimize getting caught in such risks by avoiding bad weather seasons in its entirety.

Do your research on tying the knot in foreign countries and go through your contract with a fine-tooth comb. For example, couples who want to get married in the Philippines will need to take note of the 10-day waiting period for a marriage license.

Seeing is believing! Head down to the actual venue at least once before your wedding day to check out details, spot potential problem areas and inspect guest rooms. Meet as many vendors as possible during your visit and if possible, hire the services of a local wedding consultant. They may cost you more upfront but eventually, they would be the ones with the best contact and will save you fuss of juggling too many contacts at one time.

As you would be communicating with your vendors and planners across the distance, you want to leave a paper trail of the correspondences that you’ve had! Don’t base your wedding plans on verbal agreements! Having a hard copy (or better still, formal contracts...) would be your best fall back plan if someone tries to pull the carpet under your feet!

Let one single travel agent take care of the travel and logistics needs of everyone, including your guests. Get their advice on travel insurance, weather, transportation, sight-seeing options. Depending on the size of the group, you may be able to get a group discount and this would help keep the wedding group traveling together and lessen the risk of lost luggage or a missing grandmother.

Depending on how simple or elaborate the wedding ceremony is to be, a packing list must be carefully thought through so you do not leave the critical items back home! If you are jet-setting off on your honeymoon directly after, it’s especially important to travel light and enlist the help of friends to help you carry the essentials to and from the wedding!

Part of the beauty of a destination wedding is the notion of being away! Feel free to infuse your wedding with local flavour. As you celebrate, your palate will be stimulated by the unique flavours of a local spread. From serving local cuisine to using local crafts as wedding favours, you can get creative with the options. Now you can truly say your wedding was a multi-sensory wedding with distinctive sights, sounds, touch, smells and taste!

With your family and friends all at the same exotic place, this would be a great chance for everyone to enjoy some good fun together like trekking hills and learning local crafts! Take the chance to organize other get-togethers other than the wedding reception like post wedding brunch or boys’ golf out!

Your wedding is likely to be set against a beautiful backdrop so be certain to hire professional photographer and videographer to capture the truly amazing moments of your wedding!

You may have some friends and close family members won’t be able to make it to your wedding, so you may want to consider throwing a smaller party for those back home who missed the fun!

With all these pointers, you are one step closer to a lively and colorful event that you and your guests will enjoy with plenty of opportunity of adventure and room for romance!

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