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Great! She has accepted your invitation to be a part of your wedding entourage. Your bridesmaid is likely to be just as excited as you are on planning your big day.  Much will be going through her mind on what she should wear to complement you and feel proud walking down the aisle on the wedding day! Check out our pointers and have fun dressing up with your girls.

Photo by Bespoke Brides. Wedding of Grace & Nigel.

Be sure to pick out your own wedding gown before searching for your bridesmaids’ attire. Both should match or complement each other in terms of colour and style. Bridesmaids’ dresses tend to be less formal than the bride’s. If your wedding theme permits, they could opt for something different and fun in contrast to your gown.

Although most bridesmaids do not expect their attire to be fully funded, they will appreciate the gesture especially if colour and style are dictated by your wedding theme. Find out how much she is willing to spend and offer to top up if it is almost impossible to find suitable attire with the allocated budget.

Keep in mind the colour palette at your wedding ceremony and reception sites. Decide whether to blend or contrast the colour of her dress against these colour schemes. If you have more than one bridesmaid, you can have fun with creative options such as same colour tone and fabric with a contrasting accessory such as a sash, or ribbon.

If you like homogeneity for your bridesmaids’ dresses, try to find a fabric and style that suits all of them. Alternatively, style each dress to suit your bridesmaids’ body type. While ensuring you as the bride is the center of attraction, also let your wedding party to glow together and share the beauty of your wedding.

It is important that the dress be stylish but even more so comfortable when worn, as she is most likely to be running about a quite lot on your big day! Don’t forget fitting sessions once dresses have been chosen.

Even if you are bearing the entire cost of her dress, involve your bridesmaid in the decision making process. Ultimately, she will wear the dress, thus she should feel happy wearing it for your wedding. Take her view and your priorities into consideration and you will find the perfect dress for your bridesmaid(s)!

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