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Happy Bridesmaids Make Happy Friends


Bridesmaids make things easier by attending to the wedding arrangements and planning. They’re a group of girls you call your closest friends and even if they weren’t mutual friends initially, they’ll work together continually to make your moment a special one. Bridesmaids deserve more than just a pat on the back after the big celebration and they ought to enjoy a great wedding journey with you as well. After all, on your big day, these girls got your back.

Photo by Bryan Jean Photography. Wedding of Tiffany & Derrick.

When scheduling and assigning tasks, always re-evaluate your list and consider your bridesmaids’ availability because they still do have full time jobs and personal chores to attend to. Take the initiative to ask about their schedule so that the group of you can work an agreeable and manageable plan around each girl’s calendar. This lessens any discontent that may arise from uneven load of duties because there is open communication and understanding.

Part of the deal is that your girls are also your runners when you need something accomplished.

  • Always recognise that they are also mature individuals who appreciate thoughtful gestures.
  • When you’re about to ask for their help, be reasonable about it and consider whether you’d do the same for them too.
  • Empathize with your bridesmaids and the help will be gladly returned.

Because these girls share your happiness and want the best for you, they will also probably want to contribute to your wedding bliss. Go ahead, they are the perfect people to ask for advice, discuss and bounce wedding ideas off with to come up with something creative and unique.  You may already know what you want for your wedding, but there’s no harm in gaining a few opinions that might make a lot of difference.  If you’ve decided what you want, stick to it. Otherwise, gaining a few opinions (too many might confuse you!) from the girls you trust helps too.

Dress them in pretty bridesmaid gowns that complement you and not as contrasting eyesores. It’s essential that your girls look and feel extraordinary too.

  • Let them know your colour theme and how your dress is going to be like.
  • With these guidelines in mind, listen to how they want to be styled in and after considering their requests, look at what you want and combine the given options.
  • Get creative and make things exciting for them with perhaps, different necklines or different dress styles that suit each body figure.

Weddings can get expensive and even the bridesmaids feel the pinch if they have to purchase most of their own dresses and accessories. Get together and come up with a workable and agreeable budget. Alternatively, brainstorm some affordable DIY ideas that will not only save money but also build a bond among the girls.

Your bridesmaids want to do their jobs well and make you happy, so be appreciative.  Grab an available date for a gathering to say “Thank You”. You could:

  • Arrange for a girl’s day out and have fun! It could be going for high tea, a movie, dinner, shopping, a potluck picnic or a quick getaway nearby.
  • If you’re getting gifts, avoid choosing the same item for all. It might be a safe choice, but put in more effort in picking gifts that are unique to each individual.
  • To avoid favouritism, pick items that come in an array of styles and colours or pick activities that everyone enjoys and make it as warm, fun and personal as possible!

Support them too. When meeting for a casual get together that doesn’t involve your wedding homework, try to minimise going on about its preparations. Don’t overwhelm them with all the nitty gritty over that relaxed cup of coffee because they might just want to share with you what’s new in their life as well. Instead, be a supportive friend with a listening ear; this shows that you can be there for them too.

As always, there’s a chance that some of your bridesmaids have never met before and it’s essential that they got along and form a cohesive bunch.

  • Host a casual a dinner to introduce everybody. 
  • Invite the girls to your home for an evening of food, fun and games to break the ice.

Create opportunities for them to interact and become friends by bringing the sides together. Who knows, they might even keep in touch after your wedding!

Though they’ve agreed to assist you in any way possible, be thoughtful and considerate to make the experience an enjoyable one. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can they cope?
  • Do they have enough time to themselves too?
  • Are they having fun?

Reassure your girls that their help is being appreciated. There are many other creative ways to keep your bridesmaids happy and we’re sure that together with these 9 tips, your wedding will be an extraordinary event for all!

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