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Fun and Giggles Without The Guys


Bachelorette parties have come a long way and in this century, the girls have a privileged right to throw the bride a girls’ night out in her honour. Also known as a Hen's Night, close friends and relatives of the bride usually gather at this celebration for a toast. But besides the casual dinner at home, many have incorporated interesting ways to host this vivacious party.

Girly delights. Photo by Tinydot Photography. Wedding of Vivien and KC.

Anyone; a close relative or a best friend can initiate this idea and organise it among the bridesmaids. Get together as a team and get the bride involved by asking what she’d like to have during the party and who she’d like to have on the guest list. Note down the basics and the planning continues…

Ideally, planning 3 months ahead would leave you with adequate time to prepare and organise a great party. Once you have an idea of what kind of a party the bride would like and who she’ll like to have on the guest list, you can confirm a date and venue, decide on the theme, plan the evening’s the agenda and perhaps schedule an act to perform during the night.

Check these points off to ensure you’ve got the perfect date:

  • If the party’s going to last till late, check that the guests don’t have to be somewhere early the following day.
  • Ideally, bachelorette parties should take place a week or two before the wedding.
  • Try not to plan it on the night before the wedding. This will allow you and the bride to concentrate fully on looking fabulous and feeling great for the wedding day.

Usually, the guests invited to the bachelorette’s party are also on the wedding guest list. The ideal number of guest should be about 10 guests as this isn’t a bridal shower where everyone’s invited. This circle of close knit friends is usually made up of the bridesmaids and/or the bride’s best girl friends.

Should invitations be formal or informal? Depending on the mood and idea of your party, it could be either one. Buying or creating your own invitation cards can be an interesting and fun as you can design them in-line with the party theme. You might want to send messages electronically for an RSVP or simply give them a call. Either way, do ensure that your guests are well informed ahead of time!

A bachelorette’s party is usually laidback with very minimal formalities. So having this shindig is a great time to brainstorm for a unique and fun time of games and activities. After all, this party congratulates the bride into entering a new chapter of her life as she closes another. Be sure to enliven the programme with bouts of laughter, toasts, jokes and maybe bring up a couple of stories to embarrass the bride (but within consideration of the bride’s feelings) and opportunities to reminisce on memories.

There are many ways to celebrate the bride’s happiness. As a team, add your own flavours to the mix and have a party that everyone will enjoy. It could be loud activities that were popular with your group of friends in the past, or just a casual and relax gathering such as:

  • A day of pampering at a spa
  • Potluck lunch/dinner parties
  • Sitting together at a pub on a relaxed evening with live music and fun chatter
  • Watch a play or musical together followed by drinks in a café or club
  • Slumber party styled with lots of treats, chocolate fondue, DVDs and facials
  • Poker sessions, mah-jong madness, a game of taboo or charades for that fun factor
  • Karaoke with a good dinner and chill out session
  • Book a ticket or drive to a nearby country for a weekend of fun and adventure

Whatever that your team wishes to do, the whole objective is to have the spotlight on the bride. Create a bachelorette’s party with the bride’s interests in mind. We are sure that you will be thrilled to celebrate her big occasion whilst at the same time, showing her treasured and appreciated she is among her friends.

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