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Duties of the Bridesmaids


They’re your confidants and your friendship with them is as tight as ever. Your highs and lows were shared with them and that’s why they holds the honour of being your bridesmaids! Besides the common duties of fussing over your make up and gowns on your big day, bridesmaids are assigned the most important task of holding your hand and fending off the wedding jitters.

Photo by Feldberyl Images. Wedding of Cheryl & Greg.

The bridesmaids’ first and foremost responsibility is the bride and her well-being. They stand by the bride, knowing when to extend support or making sure the bride gets her own privacy whenever needed. The girls can really make a difference on that special day.

The bridesmaids share their honest opinions with the bride, listen to her concerns and, most important of all, lends a hand in crucial tasks before and during the wedding; like sending out invites and thank-you notes, making favours, etc. If the bride is running out of time, bridesmaids would often offer to help run errands to relieve her of the burden.

On the day of the wedding, at least one of them should carry the essentials wedding kit with her at all times in case of emergencies. Click here to download your ExtraOrdinary Wedding Survival Kit

Keeping the wedding party informed of all meetings, rehearsals and pre-nuptial festivities would fall into the lap of the maid of honour! She would make sure everyone stays in line (sometimes literally) and everything runs as planned!

Photo by Tinydot Photography. Wedding of Vivian & KC.

Reminiscent of your shopping sprees together, the bridesmaids help to organise the shopping and fitting sessions for the bridal gown as well as the bridesmaids’ dresses, within the group. They can provide comments and ideas but should also allow the bride space to make her own decisions. It’s ok to be frank too!

With only a few more days of single-hood remaining, you can choose to end it with a big bang! The bridesmaids will usually organise the best party ever in honour of their soon-to-be-married friend. Remember to make it memorable and better still, a surprise! Party on, girls!

The “fashion police” for the bride, the bridesmaids help her get all dressed up and looking good on this special day. They help the bride ensure that every item of apparel and accessory, make-up and hairdo is in place.

As wedding proceedings begin with the groom and his entourage coming to claim the bride, the bridesmaids leads the pack in formulating devious plans to make the groom prove his undying love for his bride.

Also, at Chinese banquets, the bridesmaids may be asked to step in and assist the bride when asked for toasts! So best if she can hold her alcohol well.

As the much-anticipated moment arrives, when the bride may develop inklings of jitteriness as all eyes will soon be on her, the bridesmaids are be there to be her pillars of strength as they take the lead, guiding the bridal party that will give her away to the man of her dreams at the altar.

At the ceremony and reception, while the bride and groom get ready to make their appearance among guests, the bridesmaids ensure that all suppliers and helpers arrive on time, and all decorations are in place before the programme begins.

Sounds like a tall order? Not at all! These days, most brides have a wedding planner overseeing a team of helpers who have been pre-assigned various responsibilities for the day. All that the bridesmaid may need to do is get updates from the planner.

On behalf of the bride, bridesmaids welcome guests, usher them to their seats and extend generous hospitality. The girls mingle and entertain guests as they make them feel as comfortable as possible. Once again, she will not be alone in this as she will be a part of the welcoming team made up of the bridal couple’s immediate family members, best man and groomsmen.

And at the end of the party, while the bride and groom thank their guests as they take their leave, the bridesmaids help to pack the gifts and angpows (red packets of money), clothes and all other bridal items.

With your best mate right by your side, you know that your reinforcement and confidante is with you to hold your hand through the journey! You will share yet another wonderful memory – more opportunities to chat and reminisce the special moments of the day – together. And, most importantly, you know you are going to have a awesome time and enjoy your own wedding simply because she is there.

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