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Choosing Your Bridesmaids


Photo by d’ZIGN For You. Wedding of Stephanie & Richardo.

You’re getting married, your closest girlfriends are exhilarated and they all have a secret wish to be part of your entourage! Make it a special day by surrounding yourself with your best friends on your wedding day.

Brides typically choose three or more bridesmaids where one is singled to be the Maid of Honour; she is naturally the girl whom the bride feels the closest to. Don’t feel pressured to invite every close girlfriend you have. Even if you were a bridesmaid at someone else’s wedding, you don’t have to return the favour.

Bridesmaids are affectionately called ‘sisters’ in the Chinese culture. Any female can be a ‘sister’, though some families prefer singles rather than married females.

Traditionally, the groom, with the help of his “brothers”, has to fetch the bride from her home and to make if difficult for him to do so, this clever bunch of girls playfully scheme and devise little games and obstacles. Only when he has proven his sincerity to the ‘sisters’, will he be allowed through to his bride.

As bridesmaids are heavily involved in the planning of the wedding, choose people who are reliable and responsible. Though you may enjoy your best friend’s eccentricities, consider her unconventionality before choosing her as your maid-of-honour. You will need to be able to leave important matters in her hands!

Make an effort to let the bridal party get along with each other. One tip is to pick friends who are easy going and pleasant in nature. Having an introduction session before the wedding is a surefire way to break the ice. Selecting a bunch of fun-loving bridesmaids will most certainly ensure a memorable hen’s night and of course, an unforgettable wedding!

It’s good etiquette to present your bridal party with tokens of appreciation. Though these gifts need not be indulgent or elaborate, they should be meaningful.

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