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Planning an Eco-friendly Wedding


Spread your wings of love beyond vows to your spouse and to our planet. Go that extra green mile without ruining the fairytale bit of the wedding you most desire. Here are our tips on how.

Go green. Photo by Tinydot Photography. Wedding of Vivien and KC.

Get started by selecting a venue that supports eco-friendly causes such as national parks and nature reserves.

  • Reduce the amount of travelling required by picking just one spot for the solemnization and reception. Firstly, this conveniences your guests. Secondly, with less travelling required, it’ll help reduce the amount of pollution.
  • Opt for venues that has lots of natural lighting, it will dramatically cut your event’s energy consumption. Think Burkill Hall at Botanic Gardens, the BBQ areas at Pasir Ris Park and Aloha Fairy Point chalets. To tackle our sunny weathers, give fans made from recycle paper as wedding favours.
  • Select a venue that is accessible by public transport and inform your guests of the viable transport options.
  • Encourage car-pooling or charter buses to shuttle guests between venues.

Your wedding invitation can help you to set the tone for an eco-friendly wedding. Think Reduce, Reuse and Recycle wherever possible.

  • Choose from 100% recycled, partially recycled or completely tree free papers when selecting papers for your invitation.
  • Avoid using laminations or any special craft materials that are not recyclable.
  • Set up a website and/or designated email address for RSVP purposes - instead of sending reply cards.

Simple decorations can be equally classy and elegant. They require lesser materials, thus helping the environment. Otherwise, explore forms of recycled material in paper, glass and even metal.

  • If fresh flowers are a must for you, consider a mix of fresh and dried or silk ones (selectively). Using dried or silk flowers also allows the florist to re-use them on other occasions.
  • For centrepieces, use recycled glass vases, pebbles to hold the flowers together or recycled metal for wiring, etc. Avoid materials like styrofoam and green foam which is non-biodegradable and non-recyclable.
  • Select flowers that are organically grown. Meaning, no pesticide of any sort was used during growth. Pesticide is one of the major sources of air and water pollution.

Vintage is the new “black”. Consider hitting a local vintage store and you just might discover some classy and gorgeous designs that are one of a kind.

  • Consider selling the wedding attires and accessories after the ceremony. You recycle and at the same time help another bride save cost.
  • There are also options such as hand-me-downs from mom or rent one (again choose selectively).
  • Find a designer that supports the eco-friendly cause and get creative with re-used or reusable material.
  • A beautiful, radiant bride is already the spark of a wedding. You won’t need too much accessories. So instead of hunting down for the perfect necklace or bracelet, pry through mom’s jewellery box, you just might be able to find some treasures.
  • Opt for recycled gold or silver or at the very least, pick silver over gold. Gemstones are a good alternative as well. It is widely known that gold and diamond mines have one of the worst working conditions. Long hours and non-existent welfare have caused the death of many and continue to do so.

A small gift from the heart is truly meaningful and memorable. Wedding favours need not be elaborate or outrageously costly.

  • Give away tiny potted plants to encourage the green cause or notebooks made from recycled paper.
  • Slip in messages on eco-friendly tips/ideas in each wedding favour. Make a series of different messages and encourage your guest to share their ‘messages’.

Start your green act today and prepare for a memorable wedding with a good cause behind it. Even if you adopt only one of our suggestions, it will still go a long way. It’s time to give something back to mother earth.

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