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Packaged vs A-La-Carte Wedding


Pre-designed wedding packages are the tried and tested, convenient and fuss free solution – this allows you to take things easy as you leave the organisation to the professionals.

With the availability of information and accessible technology, couples are getting more resourceful and knowledgeable. We noticed that there’s an emerging trend of an “A-La-Carte" wedding. Kim from Wedding Concierge share with us that an estimation of 60-70% of her couples prefers going “A-La-Carte” for bridal packages. With this option, couples basically select services from numerous service providers to create a wedding that is exclusively theirs. It’s actually not as tricky as it seems. We’ve done the math by weighing the pros and cons of each option to help kick start your decision making process for your wedding!

Photo by d’ZIGN for you. Pre-wedding of Jocelyn and Johnny.

When you go the “packaged” way, all you need is a bridal package, a hotel package plus an actual day photographer and/or videographer. You’ll be quite well covered for everything you need for the wedding.

Bridal Package typically consist of your wedding attires, hair and makeup services, hand bouquet, corsages, wedding car rental, car décor and pre wedding photography services. Some service providers also provide ROM dresses and shoes in their packages.

Hotel packages consist of food, beverage, flowers and services for your wedding reception, wedding invite, wedding favours, hotel stay, wedding cake (a dummy version in most cases) plus perks such as spa vouchers and free parking.

Value for Money
As they come in a bundled selection, they usually cost less than having services secured individually. Some service providers also include incentives such as complimentary accommodation, accessories and gifts to add value.

You do not have to worry about minute details such as arranging for appointments with service providers, flowers arrangements, design wedding stationery and etc. Couples find themselves taken care of as the service providers ensure that the nitty-gritty details are well covered. These packages are aimed to set your mind at ease, as everything that a perfect wedding needs is provided for.

Cost Control
Wedding packages allows you to work within a budget while making the package work for you. This no-frill option is a great way to keep your finances in check.

Saves Time
As they always say, let the experts do their job. The packages you choose will consist of the needed necessities for an all-rounded wedding experience. There’s no need for you to spend time sourcing for extra help by yourself. So that leaves you and your partner with quality time to spend on with each other during the wedding preparation.

I Can’t Do What?
A package limits flexibility which might result in payment for services that aren’t essential. Also, refunds are usually not allowed or very little if you choose to forgo a service, and there might be a mismatch in the value of top-ups for an extra service. Customisation is kept to a minimal in order to keep within the price and thus, limits creativity.

No More Changes
You might become locked within boundaries of a packaged deal. You may have to put up with ideas that you don’t necessarily see eye to eye with.

Two of a Kind?
Like with all types of packages, it is a question of uniqueness. Typical services and identical venues will inevitably be used from one couple to the next. One challenge is to make your wedding stand out amidst other cookie cutter types.

Attention, please!
Because you’re not the only client, you might not be able to receive full attention from the professionals. For instance, your wedding might be subtly hurried for the hotel to prepare for its next ceremony or delayed if coordination for your wedding isn’t promptly executed after the previous ceremony took place. You might find yourself vying for attention in the midst of distractions.

This means you have to pick, choose and manage every little detail of the wedding. You are your own consultant. Being really organized and have the support of trusted friends helps tremendously, we suggest that you do lots of research or perhaps hire the help of a professional wedding planner.

Better flexibility
Here, you’re responsible for the choices that make your wedding spectacular. With the hands-on approach in selecting and engaging trusted vendors, you can pick and choose necessary items according to your needs. You also have liberty to negotiate schedules on your own instead of fretting with a fixed timing.

Involve family and friends
Spread the excitement and involve friends and family! Planning can be challenging but with the help of close ones, things can get fun. Consider gathering their expertise and produce, perhaps your decor, stationery designs or bouquets. Take this time to show your appreciation towards loved ones by realising their talents and capabilities.

Transparent costs
Costs are relatively transparent as you are aware of what you are paying for each item you need for the wedding. By going straight to a service provider, you can negotiate for what you really need instead of paying for services you do not need. Most service providers can customise their packages according to your budget too.

This is an opportunity to personalise your wedding with ideas that are distinctively yours. Display the quirks of you and your partner if you wish, because no one can fault you for being showy during an occasion where its memories are meant to last a lifetime. There is no limit to the creativity, really depends on the time and budget you allocated for the wedding preparation.

I need to pay more?
You will need all the discipline to stick to the budget that you’ve set aside. Be meticulous about the little details, costs may start add up as you go along and find that you need more things than you budget for. Be flexible and set aside about 20% budget allowances for things that really matters to you.

I need more time!
It’s true; deciding on the perfect services and products for your wedding indicates that there will be research to do, quotes to compare and locations to visit. Thus, plan ahead and follow a schedule on tasks you need to complete during the months leading up to the wedding. Give yourself time to consider before signing up for any services, hasty decisions are common when anxiety is present.

Where did all this extra work come from?
Planning may become taxing and you might to lose sight of your goal. As you need to remember and organise details such as such as coordinating the schedules of vendors and helpers and ensuring that everything happens according to plan.

What if...?
What if items don’t arrive on time? What if the weather becomes unfavourable? What if the transportation’s late? Be prepared for Plan B if any unforeseen circumstances present themselves. And that means more planning, coordination and added stress during your wedding day.

So there you have it, selecting either a “Packaged” or an “A-La Carte” Wwedding just became less of a headache. Don’t only follow trends without first making an informed decision based on you and your partner’s preferences. Review your network of bridal sources or contacts. You want to create an extraordinary wedding experience, and it absolutely counts to build an exciting journey towards it.

No matter what you choose, make sure that it can accommodate your budget and creative ideas.

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