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Many wedding traditions are so customarily done that many overlook the interesting tidbits about each of them. But we’re taking hold of time and helping you understand more about this big day! Read on and discover 5 quick facts about weddings you thought you knew!

Photo by Avenue 8. Wedding of Dina & Denis.

No one wants to rush a party and no wonder it’s been recorded that the average engagement period is 16 months! So don’t fret if you think that taking over 12 months to plan for a wedding is long and strange. The most important thing you have to remember is to enjoy taking time in planning the happiest day in your life!

Besides the fine summer weather in many countries, June is a time of harvest not only for crops, but for love as well!  Roman mythology has it that June was named after Juno, the Roman goddess of Marriage who rules over all things related to the occasion including a happy household. Couples marry in June to honour her and to receive the wedding blessings in this favoured month!

However, every culture has its unique stories and in modern times, some just prefer to marry in June because it’s the summer holidays! Each month has a special story attached to it but remember, always decide on a date that your partner and you agree on. Don’t let your opinions sway because of popular traditions!

Historically, it’s been said that most people back in the day were right handed. This also meant that wearing the ring on the left hand makes it less likely to be damaged or lost despite the hustle of every day routines. Similarly, that particular fourth finger is also rarely used on its own and hence, reduces the risk ruining the ring! However many, for the love of romance, believe that it’s because there’s a vein on the ring finger that’s directly connected to the heart!

Sounds unbelievable but a long time ago, the bride’s bouquet consisted of garlic, herbs and grains! Garlic was used to ward off evil spirits while the herbs and grains represent a fruitful marriage. Thankfully decades later, the bouquet’s contents were replaced with stunning flowers to symbolise eternal love and fertility. Another added gem to note - in Poland, sugar was sprinkled on the flowers as a belief that it’ll keep the bride’s temper sweet!

Other than sharing a kiss under the Mistletoe (unless you’re planning on getting married during Christmas!), the next special kiss is the wedding kiss. Wedding kisses date back to the earliest days in Roman times when they were seen as legal bonds for each new union. For the superstitious, this precious first kiss between the newlyweds is believed to mingle their spirits and bring the two souls together. So grooms, before you get the chance to kiss the bride, take a brief moment to reflect on that simple, special act that can legally make your dream girl your wife!

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